First Day of Winter

December 21, 2017 | RayL

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Cold day for an uphill battle

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As the temperature continues to plummet and we've all started to bundle up, your child wonders where fall has gone. 

Nasim, a staff librarian, shares some helpful information to help explain the changing of seasons to your child and recommends some delightful titles to share with your child. 


Recently, my daughter asked me, “Why is it so dark when you pick me up from school?”  I said, “It is because the clocks have moved back one hour and the days are getting shorter.”

The end of Daylight Savings Time on November 4th meant we all moved our clocks back one hour. As Winter Solstice approaches (this year on December 21st), there will gradually be fewer hours of sunlight. December 21st will be the day with the fewest hours of sunlight each year. 

The first day of winter is a day when some communities get together to celebrate. Iranians celebrate Yalda Night on the first day of winter. Everyone gathers together to eat, drink and read poetry (Hafez) in the evening to pass the time with laughter and joy. Iranians believe that those who begin winter eating summer fruits will not fall ill during the cold season.

Here are some popular books to read with your child about winter. 


Peppa Pig and the Day at Snowy Mountain

Peppa Pig and the Day at Snowy Mountain (Ages 2-5)


First Snow

First Snow  (Ages 2-5)



Snow (Ages 2-5)


The First Day of Winter

The First Day of Winter (Ages 3-6)


Ready for Winter

Ready for Winter (Ages 2-5)


Mouse's First Snow

Mouse's First Snow (Ages 2-5)


What Happens in Winter?

What Happens in Winter? (Non-Fiction – Ages JK – Grade 3)