Movember with Kids

November 1, 2017 | RayL

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It's November and your child is wondering why everyone seems to be sporting a moustache. He expresses his concern that everyone has been replaced, except for his dapper uncle who meticulously maintains his moustache throughout the year. In an effort to alleviate his fears, you decide to explain this sudden spurt of facial hair.  

About Movember

The earliest origins of Movember can be traced to Australia in 1999 when a couple of mates in Adelaide were looking to raise money for the RSPCA charity. In 2004, another group in Australia (this time from Melbourne) organized a similar event to raise awareness of prostate cancer and depression in men. The Melbourne group founded the Movember Foundation with the goal of raising awareness and money for men's health issues. More than $839 million has been raised worldwide for men's health.

About Moustaches

After telling your child about Movember, he now wants to grow a moustache. Fearful that your child will start smearing Rogaine over his face, you decide to have a discussion about genetics, healthy eating, cleanliness and moisturizing. While the explanation seemed to be helpful (and you managed to find a locked cabinet for the Rogaine), your child still wants his own moustache.

Moustache Activities

While your five-year-old child is likely unable to grow facial hair, consider helping your child participate in Movember by creating a fake moustache. PBS Kids offers instructions on how your child can make his or her very own moustache and feel included in all the Movember festivities. You can also make extra moustaches to label your child's lunchbox, toys and other belongings. Consider making smaller moustaches that you can add to characters in your child's favourite picture books. Be creative!

Moustache Books

Here are some popular moustache books to read with your child. While it won't help that moustache sprout any quicker, these books are nonetheless a delightful read. 

Mo's Mustache

Mustache Baby Meets His Match