Parenting Pride: Family is About Love

June 23, 2017 | RayL

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BJ Frankie Milo
Photo supplied courtesy of BJ Barone

Several years ago, a gorgeous photo captured my attention and that of many others around the world. A beautiful picture celebrating life; a wonderful photo celebrating love. The warmth, tenderness and joy depicted in that photo continues to resonate with me.

The photo of Frankie and BJ welcoming baby Milo into the world is a compelling reminder that family is about love. The bond between parents and child was clearly evident in Frankie and BJ's loving embrace of Milo. 

In a world where news cycles are dominated by stories of pain, suffering and loss; this story brought much needed joy into the world.

It showed that #loveislove is more than just a twitter hashtag, but a powerful reminder that love will always overcome hate and prejudice. 

Toronto Public Library offers a wide variety of pride programming for families. We also offer a great selection of LGBTQ materials for you and your family.

To celebrate pride, I invited BJ to share some anecdotes and to share some of Milo's favourite books.

BJ Barone is the author of Milo's Adventures: A Story About Love and runs the website:


Guest Blogger: BJ Barone

Photo supplied courtesy of BJ Barone

Where Did Our Baby Go?

It felt like only a few months ago Milo was born, and he was a tiny little baby cradled in our arms. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he has become this tiny little man with such personality, attitude, curiosity, charisma, and he definitely has a mind of his own!

Within these past few months we definitely noticed a huge change in him. He all of a sudden became a little boy right before our eyes. Every day from Daycare, he comes home with new words. He puts words together now to form sentences, and he understands EVERYTHING!

Milo definitely knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. It’s incredible to see him develop and learn each day. We love getting the Facebook memories notifications from the previous year to see how much he has changed.

When Milo was only a few months old, we attended the Baby Time class at our local library and continue today with the Family Time Class. Now that Milo is older, we enjoy going to the library every Saturday and look for our favourite children's books to read to him.

Although we miss the baby stage, this toddler stage is even better. It is absolutely incredible to watch him learn. We can see him thinking about things and how to pronounce words, and how he communicates to get his point across. Gone are the days of baby giggles, which are now replaced with little boy screams of excitement. As much as we miss him being a baby, we both are excited to see what a loving little boy he is becoming.

Now that Milo is getting older, our night time routine is changing. Brushing our teeth, putting pyjamas on, playing hide and seek and reading books.Some of our favourite books that Milo loves, and that we love to read to him are: