Picture Book Preview: New and Noteworthy

May 10, 2017 | shannon k.

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We bring the best and brightest books to our library collections. Here are some new books that we are really excited about which will be hitting shelves soon, or have just arrived.

A Horse Named Steve  Along the River

A Horse Named Steve by Kelly Collier, 3 to 6 years

Steve is a fine horse but he wants to be exceptional! So when he finds a gold horn lying on the ground, he realizes this is his ticket to exceptionality. Steve immediately ties the horn to his head and transforms himself into the exceptional unicorn he was meant to be. Soon all of his friends want to be exceptional too and begin to tie things to their heads. This silly story emphasizes that we are all exceptional and unique in our own way.

Along the River by Vanina Starkoff, 4 to 6 years

This book takes readers on a colourful journey down a river highlighting many different boats and forms of water travel. The journey is full of joy and happiness and will definitely warrant multiple trips!

Away  The Blue Songbird

Away by Emil Sher, illustrated by Qin Leng, 4 to 8 years

This gentle tale told entirely through sticky notes between a mother and daughter chronicles a young girl’s trepidation of her first summer away at camp. The nervousness and anxiety felt about leaving home for the first time is soothed by way of these notes and the love between the mother and daughter shine through.

The Blue Songbird by Vern Kousky, 3 to 5 years

A little blue songbird longs to sing like her brothers and sisters but can’t find her song. Her mother encourages her to leave the nest and find a song that is just for her. She travels the world receiving advice along the way, only to realize that home is where she belongs.

Town is by the Sea

Town is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz, illustrated by Sydney Smith, 5 to 8 years

A young boy living in a seaside town in Nova Scotia spends his day thinking of his father who is working in a coal mine deep underground. He comes from a long line of coal miners and knows that one day he too will be working underground in the mines. The beautiful illustrations and poetic text show readers what it may have felt like to live in a Nova Scotia mining town.