Five Fun Things to Do During Family Literacy Month

January 3, 2017 | Diane

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Family literacy tpl logoWhat's so great about parents and kids reading, writing and learning together? Families who have fun reading and learning together develop important skills, grow closer together and value lifelong learning. While you don't need to wait for a special holiday to celebrate, Family Literacy Day is January 27th, so come join us at Toronto Public Library, where we're celebrating all month long!

Here are five fun things you and your kids can do together to help kick off the festivities:

1. Read a book

Even if your kids can already read well on their own, it's important for them to continue to hear books read aloud. Are you looking for some new titles to try out together? Check out our great booklist for some ideas, or visit your local branch to browse the shelves or get recommendations from our friendly staff.

2. Come to a library program

There are plenty of free programs for your family to enjoy at our branches throughout the month. You'll find our Family Literacy Month listings here.

3. Play Family Literacy Bingo

Another fun part of Family Literacy Month at the library is our Family Literacy Bingo contest. Download a Family Literacy Bingo card now, or pick one up at your local library branch. Complete all of the literacy tasks outlined on the card, then submit it to your library branch for a chance to win one of four Family Fun Packs, which includes two books and two board games. For an extra chance to win, enter our #FamilyLiteracyBingo contest on social media. More details can be found here

Family literacy bingo card

4. Speaking of games... 

Play one! There are many terrific board, card, word and number games out there, but one that is popular in my family is Sight Word Slap. You might also want to check out a book on games to find a new favourite. 

5. Try a science experiment

Science experiments are not only fun, but are great tools for encouraging families to work together, talk and share their ideas. One that's easy, delightfully messy and entertaining is Oobleck. Made with cornstarch and water, your kids will love the solid to liquid transformation and can experiment by adding colour and dissolving objects (like leftover candy canes from last month) in the goopy stuff. Encourage your kids to measure out the ingredients, predict what they think will happen when everything is mixed together, and use their senses as they play with their creation.

Sight word slap
"Sight Word Slap" with cards bought at the dollar store

Do you have other suggestions that you think families might enjoy? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Happy Family Literacy Day!