Why I OTTER Celebrate this Week (and How You Can too!)

September 20, 2016 | Katherine McG

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It's Sea Otter Awareness Week and the best way that I can think to commemorate this important occasion is by paying tribute to one of my all-time favourite children's book characters:  Otter!

Book Cover: I Am Otter by Sam Garton

Otter is the star of several books by author Sam Garton. You can get to know him by watching his amusing "Get to Know Me" Video but to truly get to know Otter (and her friends Teddy and Giraffe) you have to read about her many adventures.

Toronto Public Library currently has seven "Otter" books including these three delightful picture books:

Otter Goes to Space  Otter Loves Halloween  Otter Goes to School

Otter in Space by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6)

Otter Loves Halloween! by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6)

Otter Goes to School by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6)

We also have these three newly released Beginner Readers that are perfect for those who are learning to read on their own and love a great story:

Otter Best Job Ever    Otter Oh No Bathtime    Otter Hello Sea Friends

Otter: The Best Job Ever! by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6)

Otter: Oh No, Bath Time! by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6)

Otter: Hello, Sea Friends! by Sam Garton (Ages 3-6) 

And Otter's stories even go beyond the pages of these books. She has her own website where you can read about the time she and Teddy tried staying up all night, learn why she loves the rain, and find even more of "the best Otter stories on the internet ever!"  And you can even follow Otter on Social Media too; she posts on both Facebook and Twitter!

So why not celebrate "Sea Otter Awareness" Week with Otter?  You can read one (or all!) of her books or perhaps play some games either on-line or on paper. As for me, I am going to grab a snack from my favourite toast restaurant (I do hope Giraffe doesn't burn it this time!) and "toast" my favourite Otter!