Warning: Do Not Open This Blog Post

September 12, 2016 | Sharanja T.

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Thanks for opening this blog post! I wouldn't have listened to a blog post entitled "do not open" either. In fact, when I see "do not open" labelled on something, I become more curious as to what is inside. This was especially true when I was younger and my mom specifically said not to open the presents under the Christmas tree until Christmas morning. (Despite her warnings, I would try to tear small rips into the boxes to help me guess what was inside.) All the taboo helped add to the excitement of opening the present. 

The same can be said for books. Enjoying books is important to help children develop a lifelong love of reading. Interactive books and books with creative titles that prompt the reader to act are great choices to help make reading exciting. When children have fun, playful experiences with books, they will want to read more, and children will begin to see reading as something they want to do. 

Here are a few interactive and enjoyable books that children 4-8 years of age may enjoy. These books have titles that warn the reader that there may be something unexpected in the book.

 Iwillnotreadthisbook  Warning do not open this book! Do not open this book!
OpenThisLittleBook      OpenVeryCarefully      TheEnd

ThisBookJustAteMyDog ThisisNotaPictureBook TheBookWithNoPictures

If you need help finding other books that are appropriate for your children, be sure to visit your local library and ask library staff for assistance. Staff are always happy to help. 

Happy Reading!