New Kids’ Books: #beachlife

August 13, 2016 | shannon k.

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Although we are only a few weeks away from back-to-school, the temperature hasn’t gotten the memo and still thinks we are in the throes of July! The extended heat wave is a great excuse to explore our many beaches here in Toronto or out of town. Wherever you are for the remainder of the summer, check out these new titles set at the seashore.

Dario and the Whale   Mr. Hulot at the Beach   Waiting for High Tide

Dario and the Whale by Cheryl Lawton Malone, pictures by Bistra Masseva

Every spring Dario and his mother move to the seashore. His mother takes seasonal jobs at the shore and this year she will be working at a restaurant. It is difficult for Dario to make new friends every year and he is often excluded by the local children. He wants to play soccer while they are playing baseball and bumping into a little girl’s sand castle alienates him even more. Meanwhile in the sea, a young whale calf is having the same problem. She wants to play with the other sea creatures but they all swim away from her. Dario and the whale feel an instant connection when their eyes meet! They are fast friends splashing and playing together. When they part ways at the end of the summer Dario shouts, “See you next year!” Based on the author’s own experience with right whales in Cape Cod, this is a playful look at the potential friendship between humans and this great beast.

Mr. Hulot at the Beach by David Merveille according to Jacques Tati

In this wordless, mostly black and white tale, Mr. Hulot sets out to spend a peaceful day on the beach reading his newspaper. His day however, is anything but peaceful. From chasing a gull who has taken his shoe for a nest, to breaking a young boy’s paddle ball and game, Mr. Hulot repeatedly gets into trouble of one kind or another. Finally Mr. Hulot gets some rest as the sun sets, however the tide has taken him out to sea! Clever children will be able to see that he has started his day in France and ends his day across the sea in England.

Waiting for High Tide by Nikki McClure

A young boy is waiting for high tide so that he can go swimming in the sea. While he waits patiently, he gets to work. Together with his family, he builds a raft and also looks for crabs and clams with his special one-eyed barnacle glasses. Finally the tide has come in and the boy and his family push off on the raft and jump in the cool water for a well-deserved swim.

Other beach-y titles to look out for:

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