New Kids' Books: Be True to Your School

August 29, 2016 | shannon k.

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The day after Labour Day is a big day for most kids here in Toronto. It is the first day back to school! Many kids will be returning to their old school a grade higher, some will be starting at a new school, and some will be starting their very first day of school ever. Whatever the day holds, the first day of school can mean a lot of different things for many children. Excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear and elation. Your child may be feeling some or all of these things leading up to the first day of school. Here are a few new picture books that are great examples of some of the things children will experience on their first day of school.

Bear's Big Day    The Class    Mission Back to School

Bear's Big Day by Salina Yoon

Bear is excited to go to school for the first time because it means he is a “big bear”. He leaves his stuffed rabbit Floppy at home because he is too big for stuffed toys. When he gets to school, he soon realizes that he misses Floppy very much and starts to fear that maybe he isn’t as “big” as he thought he was. With some encouragement from his new teacher, Bear makes a special drawing just for Floppy who comes along with him on his second day. We can see that Bear’s new friends at school have also brought along their stuffed friends from home and with their toys close by, Bear enjoys playing with his new friends.

The Class by Boni Ashburn, illustrated by Kimberly Gee

Getting ready and off to school can sometimes be the hardest part! Ashburn uses rhyming text to describe the morning routines of students in one class. Some are excited and some are scared. Some can’t find matching socks and some even forget to brush their teeth! Seeing all of the children get ready for school on their first day could relieve some feelings of anxiety that children may have on their first day. Everyone is different and experiences different emotions but they all end up in class together!

Mission: Back to School by Susan Hood, illustrated by Mary Lundquist

Although the first day of school can be a scary thing for some children, going back to school can be just as scary for many. Hood takes the experience and routine of going back to school and turns it into a spy’s mission. Each page gives children directives on the mission including “#9. Develop Secret Signals” and “#14. Conduct Physical Training Exercises”. This is a fun twist on the back to school genre and kids will have fun coming up with their own top secret directives.

Try these other school-related new titles. Happy Back to School!!

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And another...just because it's so much fun!

There's a Bear On My Chair