I Just Finished Reading... Top Picks for August

August 31, 2016 | Diane

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Inspector Flytrap Awaits The Next Mystery
Inspector Flytrap Awaits His Next Mystery...

Each month I share my favourite new books for 6 – 12 year-olds that have both kid AND parent appeal. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Inspector FlytrapInspector Flytrap
By Tom Angleberger
Ages 7 - 10

The first in a series, Inspector Flytrap is the story of a mystery-solving, skateboard-riding detective who just also happens to be -- you guessed it -- a Venus flytrap. Making it his mission to solve only BIG DEAL mysteries, Flytrap is joined by his trusty assistant Nina the Goat, who has a nasty habit of snacking on the clues. Kids will crack up at Cece Bell’s hilarious illustrations and the disasters that ensue when Flytrap attempts to help his clients.

The King of KazooThe King of Kazoo
By Norm Feuti
Ages 8 - 12

In the first few pages of this graphic novel, we meet Bing, a bunny with magical gifts. When she notices that something odd is going on at the top of Mount Kazoo, she rushes to tell the king, who also happens to be her dad. But he refuses to take her seriously. When his subjects insist that he look into the matter, he’s forced to take Bing and the royal inventor, Torq, to investigate the mystery. Hindered by the king’s enormous ego, can Bing and Torq stop an evil genius from destroying the kingdom?

Maker Lab - 28 Super Cool ProjectsMaker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects
Ages 8 – 12

Maker Lab contains great experiments for young scientists, prompting kids to make predictions, observe, and ask questions while they work. Ranging from concocting sticky slime to constructing a set of speakers, each experiment includes a photo and text play-by-play so following the instructions is easy. Even better? The experiments are made using everyday household items, are categorized by difficulty and fun. Parents and kids will love spending time together trying these out!