Going to the Playground!

August 15, 2016 | Nalini

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Parks and playgrounds are a vital part of a growing child's life. They are places where kids can explore the world, meet new friends and have fun!

I remember going to the park all the time as a child. My local playground had a really big slide. Climbing the ladder to get to the very top and sliding down the twisty slide was a big part of my playground visits. The playground was also the place where I lost my two front teeth. My big sister dared me to go across the monkey bars, and I did, even though I knew that I shouldn't. I should have listened to my gut and said no, but instead I made it halfway across the bars before falling on my face and losing two teeth! Reading some books about playgrounds might have helped me resist temptation.

Here are some non-fiction books that you can read with your child to make sure they play safe (and don't loose their teeth!):


 - Play It Smart: Playground Safety by Jill Donahue

 - Safety at the playground by MaryLee Knowlton

 - Playground Safety by Peggy Pancella

And some picture books all about playgrounds:


- Playground Day by Jennifer Merz

- Playground by Mies van Hout

- Pingo and the Playground Bully by Brandon Mull

It was great news to hear that the City of Toronto is planning to build the Rail Deck Park, a 21-acre park that will be built over the railway tracks between Bathurst Street and the Rogers Centre. Details for this new park aren't available yet, but a playground is likely to be included in the design. Why not help your child create their ideal playground? Read My Dream Playground by Kate M. Becker together and get the creativity juices flowing!