The "How to Be a Dog" Days of Summer

July 25, 2016 | Katherine McG

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It's July. It's hot. And there is no doubt that Toronto is definitely experiencing the "dog days" of summer. So what better time could there be to check out some Picture Books that explore just how to be a dog. 


How to be a Dog How to Be a Dog

By Jo Williamson

Ages 4 - 7

With "a very big Woof" shout-out to all the dogs reading this book, one very wise canine starts their guide on how to find happiness in one's new home. From finding a human who's just right for you to learning how to interact with both friends and strangers alike to realizing that new tricks just might equal extra treats, this guide covers all the things you need to know about how to be a dog and maybe find a best friend...just like the "author" did.


Job Wanted Job Wanted

By Teresa Bateman

Ages 4 - 7

Of course an old farm dog knows just how to be a dog but when a farmer doesn't see any value in that, the dog tries to find employment by showing he can fill the role of a more useful animal like a cow, a horse, or a chicken. Morning after morning he tries to convince the farmer to give him a job by doing what he does best and by unexpectedly being exactly what the farm needed all along.


Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook

By Anne Vittur Kennedy

Ages 4 - 7

In his own words, Ragweed, unlike most dogs, is "really, really good" at being a farm dog and he's also really, really good at sharing his knowledge with others so that they can be great too. (After all, the cover does say you can "Learn from the best!") This handbook covers all the dos and don'ts on how to be a (farm) dog starting with knowing all the jobs that the other animals do (and knowing that those aren't your job) and ending with the job that all dogs do best...getting biscuits! 


So pour yourself a cool bowl of water and find a nice comfy spot to curl up with one of these doggone good "how-to" books. 

(And if you should find out that your dog wants to learn how to be a wolf, perhaps you should send them to Wolf Camp this summer.)