New Kids’ Books : Nothing on the Top…But an Illustrated Book about Birds

July 2, 2016 | shannon k.

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Birds are beautiful creatures and many artists have devoted their craft to them. A while back my colleague Nicole highlighted the exquisite John J. Audubon exhibit that was held at the TD Gallery in the Toronto Reference Library. This month I thought I’d give a nod to our friends of the sky by highlighting three new children’s books featuring beautifully illustrated birds.


My Book of Birds   Some Birds   On Bird Hill

My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valerio

Growing up in Brazil Valerio was surrounded by a variety of different tropical birds. In his introduction to My Book of Birds he states that he had always been fascinated by books about birds and specifically mentions Audubon’s beautiful illustrations. When he moved to North America he was introduced to many new species of birds that he had never seen before. My Book of Birds combines his beautiful illustrations and interpretations of North American birds with short descriptions of each one. Complete with a glossary, index and list of other bird resources, this is definitely not to be missed by anyone who is a fan of our friends in flight.

Some Birds by Matt Spink

Spink’s book about birds is a playful and colourful look at the animal for our very young readers. The rhyming text takes a look at all the different things that different birds do. The bold and exaggerated illustrations and font make this one accessible for all preschoolers and will warrant repeat reads to be sure.

On Bird Hill by Jane Yolen, Pictures by Bob Marstall

Using simple rhymes Yolen describes a little chick hatching from its egg from the point of view of a small child. Bright illustrations accompany the text to perfectly sum up a young bird emerging from the egg and seeing the world for the very first time. It just may encourage young children to look a little closer to the natural world around them!

Other highly illustrative bird titles to consider:

Every Day Birds  Circle  The Sky Painter