Bridlewood Branch K'nex Club

July 8, 2016 | Grant

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Just as our Bridlewood Branch K’nex after School Club ended, the innovative and hardworking members of our program completed the ever difficult “Ball Factory”! Our photo shows the Ball Factory with its proud architects, Emma, Judy, Gerard, Mohammad, Jaiden and Daniel (Grades 5-7) who worked tirelessly to create and design the finished product.
The kids and their K'nex creation.
Ball Factory Friends - BRW K'nex Club.
Using both teamwork and thorough planning, our members were able to create the “Ball Factory” in merely seven weeks! 
Here is a video of the Ball Factory in action:
Our K’nex program took place on Fridays after school from 3:45-4:45 PM, allowing participants of ages 7-12 the opportunity to have a relaxing hour after school to learn, play and create a variety of awesome masterpieces! What we noticed was that in a short couple of weeks, the kids began to create much more complex designs from what they began with. From the beginner alien K’nex design, to creating complex submarines, airplanes, race cars and a beach chair for some very important protection from the sun, our kids took full advantage of the fun and inviting program space to grow and develop their design skills. At the end of the Spring K’nex session, the kids often would develop creations without the use of K’nex templates! Pictured below are a few other great designs from our other registrants in the program.
K'nex creations.
Creations from our other participants.
In addition to designing, we observed our members develop lasting friendships through teaming up on projects together and discussing new and cool ways to use the K’nex pieces. We also saw an evolution in many of our participants’ demeanour, gaining confidence and learning to not be afraid to ask questions to our assisting staff members and amongst each other for help on their designs. All the kids had a great time exploring their creative side and this program became an exciting and welcome program each week to the Bridlewood Branch!

We look forward for new members in our community to join us in the upcoming session! Members are encouraged to bring along their talents, ideas and positive attitudes and join us in creating many more stunning creations but most importantly, to join us in creating lasting memories!
Interested in joining one of our local Toronto Public Library K'nex? Take a look at our "Programs & Classes" section on our website.