9 ¾ Reasons to Celebrate Harry Potter with Midnight Magic

July 6, 2016 | Diane

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two
Witches, wizards and muggles alike are invited to fly, floo or apparate to Midnight Magic at Toronto Reference Library on July 30th to await the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two.

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. It’s currently previewing in London with rave reviews.

Want a few reasons to celebrate with us at the library?

1. It’s Free.
Tickets are available beginning Thursday, July 7th at 9 a.m. via Eventbrite. Don’t miss out!

2. Buy or Borrow the Book.
Limited copies are available for purchase from Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop and will be released once the clock strikes midnight. Didn’t stop at Gringott’s beforehand? Several copies are also available to borrow using your library card.

3. Flick and Swish!
Learn simple spells and practice your wandwork in a daring duel.

4. Free the House Elves.
Rescue Dobby and friends by bringing a pair of new, unworn socks to be donated to local homeless shelters.

5. Potterheads, Unite!
Show your love for all things Harry Potter by donning a magical ensemble or dressing as your favourite character. Need some inspiration? Check out this DIY list.

6. Quidditch.
Watch a demo by Quidditch Canada and get a chance to ride a broom, score points and catch the Golden Snitch!

7. Special Items from our Collections.
See yourself in the action using green screen technology from one of our Digital Innovation Hubs and check out unique Harry Potter items from our Osborne Collection on display.

8. See Your Future.
Our Bibliomancer will help you find the answers you seek within the pages of your favourite Harry Potter book.

9. Experience the Magic.
Musicians from University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music and improv actors from Second City will bring the magic of the books and films to life throughout the night.

9 ¾. Midnight Access.
How many chances do you get to be in the library at midnight? It’s a pretty rare occurrence and you never know what kind of magic might unfold. Just remember to stay out of the restricted section!

Still not convinced? Take Hermoine Granger's advice: When in doubt, go to the library!

UPDATE (July 8): Tickets are now sold out. 

Ticket Update (July 15): A final block of tickets has been added and are available on July 22nd at 9 a.m.

Ticket Update (July 27): Tickets are all sold out.