Top Ten STEM Picture Books for Young Readers

May 20, 2016 | Daniel

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All children can benefit from an increased understanding of concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, commonly referred to as STEM. Schools are preparing children for an increasingly STEM-driven workforce. Additionally, STEM is everywhere; its core concepts run through all of our everyday lives.

As a parent or educator of a young child, you can start introducing STEM to children very early on in their reading life. Reading picture books that tell a story with STEM is a great place to start. Good storybooks provide a meaningful context for learning STEM concepts, serving as a launching point for further investigation.

It’s important to remember that reading picture books with children should always be enjoyable. I’ve found that the best STEM books introduce concepts naturally, stimulating a curiosity without overwhelming the story. Much like choosing any other picture book, look for well-written books with great illustrations. Here are some of my favourites:

Stamp, Stamp, by Eom Mi-Rang: An early introduction to geometrical shapes.

Shrinking Mouse, by Pat Hutchins: A fun exploration of how distant objects vary in size.

The Doorbell Rang, by Pat Hutchins: Each time the doorbell rings, there are more people to share Ma’s cookies. An introduction to division (...and the harsh realities of life).

Big Bug, by Henry Cole: A beginning book on size comparison with fantastic illustrations.

Building a House, by Byron Barton: A concise step-by-step guide on all that's involved in building a house.

My Five Senses, by Aliki: A fun demonstration on how we use each of our five senses.

Max’s Math, by Kate Banks: One for slightly older children (Grade 1 and above, I'd say) that highlights several skills in arithmetic. 

Mouse Paint, by Ellen Walsh: A classic that explores the world of colour and colour-mixing.

The Three Bears, by Cecil Kim: Another great one for size comparison that serves to build comparative vocabulary.

What Shape is the Moon?, by Bo-hyeon Seo: An examination of moon shapes and a basic introduction to the lunar cycle.

Happy reading!

Stamp Stamp Shrinking mouse The doorbell rang Big BugBuilding a House My Five SensesMax's MathMouse PaintThree bears What shape is the moon