Celebrate Chocolate Chip Day!

May 15, 2016 | Katherine McG

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Cookie Monster enjoying some chocolate chip cookies.
Photo taken from www.torontopubliclibrary.ca under Toronto Star License.

I have been told that I make the best* chocolate chip cookies in the world and what better way to celebrate "Chocolate Chip Day" on May 15th than by baking up a batch of delicious biscuits.

Baking cookies with your family is not only a fun way to spend some quality time together, but it can also be a great family literacy activity as well. Older children can help to read out the recipe and younger ones can sing "C is for Cookie" while they're mixing the dough. And everyone can have fun changing cookies into the letter "C" just by taking a bite out of the yummy finished product.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities can come in to play here too. Baking is a science and so children can discover the chemistry behind the cookies. Math can be found in the measuring of ingredients. And you could even explore what principles of engineering are needed to stack up the tallest tower of tastiness. Or try creating a new technology to help you to go from dough to cookie even quicker.

And of course nothing goes better with a chocolate chip cookie than a cold glass of milk...unless maybe it's one of these stories:

Mr. Cookie Baker Who Ate All the Cookie Dough The Cow Loves Cookies

Spending time together baking, reading and eating...now that sounds like a recipe for success!


*Disclaimer: The opinion expressed about the author’s chocolate chip cookies being the “best” are not necessarily shared by the author as she has personally tasted many other truly delicious chocolate chip cookies, however if is seeing is believing...