New Wordless Kids’ Books: January 2016 Edition

January 30, 2016 | shannon k.

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Recently Daniel wrote a post about the importance of using wordless picture books with your young children. Wordless books are some of my favourite books to recommend and use and so I am always very excited to see new ones come to our shelves. Daniel gave us some great suggestions in his post and here are three brand new titles to add to his list!

Pool      The Land of Lines      The Only Child

Pool by JiHyeon Yi

Have you ever wondered what could be way beneath the surface of your neighbourhood pool? Think it’s just the pool floor? Well not in this pool! There’s no room at the local swimming pool and so one young boy and girl do the only thing they can, dive deep! There they find so many wonderful surprises, including each other. Imagination turns this ordinary pool into something extraordinary.

The Land of Lines by Victor Hussenot

Using only three colours and many many lines an incredible adventure unfolds in this tale of a boy and girl’s journey. This detailed story is definitely worth multiple readings. It may even inspire kids to create their own land of lines.

The Only Child by Guojing

At 112 pages long, this is the story of another great journey as a young boy decides to travel from his apartment in the city to visit his grandmother in the country on his own. After falling asleep on the bus he quickly realizes he is lost and must find his way back. With the help of a majestic companion he meets along the way he travels to a distant place desperately trying to find his way home. Guojing’s illustrations are gorgeous and perfectly capture the beautiful narrative without using one word of text. Don’t skip the author’s note at the beginning. It gives readers some great insight into Guojing’s inspiration for this beautiful and fantastical tale.