Older Kids Should Read Picture Books Too!: New Kids’ Books, October 2015 Edition

October 17, 2015 | shannon k.

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Picture books aren’t just for your preschooler. School age children love picture books and also love being read to, long after they’ve learned how to read themselves. Toronto Public Library has a collection of picture books just for this age group called Advanced Picture Books. (Look for APIC on the spine label!) These books tend to be more mature and sophisticated in the subject matter with rich language and beautiful illustrations. Here are a few new Advanced Picture Books that are sure to be hits.

Imaginary Fred       Oscar Lives Next Door       Zen Socks

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers

It is no fun to be alone. At least that’s what Sam thinks and so he summons Fred, his imaginary friend. Fred knows that as long as Sam doesn’t have a real friend they will be best friends. Then Sam meets Sammi and Fred starts to disappear! To Fred’s delight Sammi brings along Frieda, her imaginary friend to play. For the first time in the history of imaginary friends Fred and Frieda do not fade away and the foursome become the best of friends!

Oscar Lives Next Door by Bonnie Farmer and Marie Lafrance

Biographical picture books are a great way to explore non-fiction. Oscar Lives Next Door tells the story of young Oscar Peterson growing up in Montreal. The story is from the point of view of Oscar’s neighbour Millie. It details her friendship with the budding jazz musician and about his heartache when he can no longer blow his trumpet because of tuberculosis. With gorgeous illustrations the story of Oscar Peterson’s childhood can stand alone, however the detailed Author’s Note will pique the curiosities of those wanting to dig deeper into the life of this Canadian jazz legend.

Zen Socks by Jon J. Muth

Zen Socks is the fourth installment of the Zen books of wisdom for kids by Jon J. Muth. Stillwater is a soft-spoken and gentle panda. Leo and Molly live across the street from Stillwater and love to play and go on adventures with him. In the process he offers them sage advice through storytelling and by example. Children will learn about patience, perseverance, hard work, kindness and compassion from Stillwater in unexpected ways.

Other Zen titles by Muth:

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