Library Note Goes Viral

August 19, 2015 | Daniel

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On Friday August 14, 2015, staff at the Main Street Branch found this note pinned to an Asterix book in the book drop:

Jackson Letter

Staff were touched with the gesture and found the note adorable. The next day, on a whim, I decided to send the note to our social media team to allow others the opportunity to enjoy it. The note was posted to Facebook by Saturday afternoon. Over the next few days, thousands of likes and hundreds of shares began to pour in for Jackson's note. To our surprise, the news media picked up on the story, with dozens of articles appearing across Canada and the United States. 

Having seen a news report, a neighbour alerted Jackson’s mom. The family was pleasantly surprised by the attention and reached out to the media. We were able to arrange a meeting with Jackson earlier this afternoon at the library, where we presented him with a gift basket to thank him for writing the note and for being such a great sport in dealing with the overwhelming amount of media interested in the story.


Asterix pic

Jackson, an avid reader, says that the Asterix series is one of his favourites. The series follows the protagonist Asterix and his friend Obelix through various adventures as they attempt to resist Roman occupation. You can see the TPL’s selection of Asterix books here. It is one of the most popular comic series in the world, having been translated into over 100 languages.




TintinJackson also loves The Adventures of Tintin, another series carried by the TPL. Written by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi under the pen name Hergé, this series follows Tintin, a young reporter, and his fairthful dog, Snowy, as they embark on adventures full of slapstick humour, mystery, and science fiction.







Finally, you might want to also check out Jeff Smith’s Bone series. Smith combines epic fantasy tales with light-hearted comedy in a similarly structured comic format; it’s perfect for the seven to twelve age range.






Here’s hoping your children will enjoy these titles as much as Jackson does. Just be careful that they don't rip them when reading in their bunks ;)