First and Best 2013 has arrived!!

November 27, 2013 | Jen

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First and Best LogoIt’s that time of year again!  The First and Best Booklist of 2013 has just been unveiled and features the year’s absolute best in Canadian children’s literature from birth to age five. 

The First and Best Booklist is part of our Ready for Reading initiative.  For those unfamiliar with Ready for Reading, it is a set of ascribed skills designed to build early literacy in young children ages 0-5 years. 

A myriad of submissions were pored over by our expert children’s librarians to find just the right books that are fun to read, but also, help to develop those crucial early literacy skills.

And so…here it is...with a few extra treats for our readers to enjoy!  We hope that you delight in sharing these books with your little ones, just as much as we’ve delighted in sharing them with you.

Happy Holidays!



The Dark / by Lemony Snicket, Illus. Jon Klassen (Harper/Collins) 




I Dare You Not to YawnI Dare You Not to Yawn / by Hélène Boudreau, illus. Serge Clock (Candlewick Press)

To avoid bedtime you must stay away from soothing stories, songs, pajamas, cuddly toys, blankies and, most importantly, do not look at anyone who yawns because, yawns are sneaky!










 I Know a LOT! / by Stephen Krensky, Illus. Sara Gullingham (Abrams Appleseed)  



Loula is leaving for AfricaLoula Is Leaving for Africa / by Anne Villeneuve (Kids Can Press)

Loula, feeling neglected and fed up, decides she is leaving for “Africa” under the watchful eye of her sympathetic adult friend Gilbert, who sees that she makes her “journey” there and back in comfort and safety.












 The Man with the Violin / by Kathy Stinson, Illus. Dusan Petricic (Annick Press) - author series interview



My Blue Is HappyMy Blue Is Happy / by Jessica Young, Illus. Catia Chien (Candlewick Press)

“Grandpa’s green is young like a small stem…but my green is as old as a forest” observes our young narrator as she explores how colours can express different emotions in people.









 Once upon a northern nightOnce Upon a Northern Night / by Jean E. Pendziwol, Illus. Isabelle Arsenault (Groundwood)

This gentle lullaby describes how the beautiful feeling of a Northern night reflects a mother’s love, shared with her sleeping child.












Read me a story Stella


Read Me a Story, Stella / by Marie-Louise Gay (Groundwood)

Whether she is sitting in a wheelbarrow, hanging upside down from a tree branch or sitting in bed at nighttime, older sister Stella loves to share her favourite books with her brother Sam. 

 *click on Marie-Louise Gay's name to discover the inspiration for the story.







Welcome, Baby



Welcome, Baby / by Barbara Reid (Scholastic Canada)

The soothing rhythm and the loving and lively illustrations will make this charming little board book the treasure in the toy chest!








Where do you look


Where Do You Look? / Marthe Jocelyn & Nell Jocelyn (Tundra Books)

Young readers are sure to enjoy this fun introduction to homonyms as they learn that you can look for a tongue in both a shoe and a mouth and that you can find glasses on both your face and on a shelf.