The Right Strategy and Mindset for a Successful Job Search

August 9, 2023 | Career Coach

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Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong, one of our Career Coaches in Residence, shares her tips and strategies for a successful job search.

We deserve an amazing job that makes us feel happy, healthy and fulfilled. We deserve an amazing job that we are excited and passionate about. We deserve an amazing job with an incredible employer who shares our values. We deserve an amazing job with our dream boss, dream team, and an excellent salary.

Most of us have been in at least one or two toxic, terrible or low paying jobs. Most of us have settled — or had to settle — for jobs that are less than our dream job and less than what we deserve. There are lots of reasons for this: we don't know how to land our dream job, we're under societal or familial pressure, we experience bias or discrimination (just to name a few). 

Instead of settling for a job that is less than what you deserve, focus on improving your job search strategy, your job applications, and your networking and interviewing skills so you can land the best possible job out there!

We have the power

There are many vacant jobs in Canada right now. There is no shortage of opportunity out there. Most of us spend about 40 hours — or more! — at our jobs every single week. So we should be picky about which jobs we apply for, which jobs we interview for and who we choose to spend our time, energy, skills and talents with.

Job search strategy and mindset

Many of those vacant jobs out there will not be your dream job. The strategy is to find your top 10-20 dream job postings and turn those into job offers.

The goal is to end up with multiple offers and the best possible job opportunity for ourselves.

Dreams jobs do exist

I have personally landed 15+ dream jobs that I absolutely loved, including full-time, part-time, volunteer, internships, contracts and consultancies. They were jobs that I was extremely passionate about, jobs that made a positive impact in the world, and eventually, jobs with great salaries and benefits. I have worked with hundreds of people all over the world who have successfully landed their dream job as well. You can, too.

Job search goals

1. Job applications

A good goal is to apply to three high quality job postings each week. Apply to dream jobs only. Quality over quantity.

Say NO to the hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there that are not your dream job.

Do not waste your valuable time on job applications and opportunities that are not good enough for you.

2. Networking

Fill your calendar with coffee chats, events and opportunities to connect and meet with like-minded folks, organizations and  industry professionals. Aim for five engagements each week.

Follow up on every single job and opportunity that you are interested in exploring. Mention the unique value that you bring to the table, how passionate you are about building your career and request a brief call or a coffee chat.

The ultimate goal is to land a meeting, coffee chat or informational interview and ultimately, a formal interview.

3. Success

Aim for a success rate of 30%. This means for every three job applications that you submit, you should get at least one interview. For every three interviews you do, you should get at least one job offer.

If you are not seeing these results, there are ways to improve your resume, cover letter, and networking and interviewing skills. Check out the library's Job & Career Help page for a list of resources to help with your job search. 

From job applications to interviews, and from interviews to offers, I have received between a 30% to 100% success rate. You deserve the same results! You deserve a job that you love. A job with passion, purpose and financial freedom. A job that you are excited about because you have an amazing boss, a dream team, great work/life balance and a wonderful salary.

Opportunities are out there waiting for you. Be patient, stay committed to your goal and do not give up!

Would you like to discuss your career goals? Book a free, one-on-one appointment with a Career Coach in Residence.

Post written by Amanda Armstrong, 2023 Toronto Public Library Career Coach in Residence. 

The Career Coaches in Residence program is generously supported by lead donors Azrieli Foundation and RBC Future Launch and supporting donors Linda Dagg and Kenneth Wiener and Ted Rogers Community Grants.

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