Tips on How to Speak Confidently in an Interview

April 7, 2021 | Teresa L

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You’ve landed an interview but you’re having trouble communicating your ideas with confidence. Tharsheka Natkunam, one of our Career Coaches in Residence, shares some advice on how to speak confidently, especially during an interview.

Tharsheka Natkunam
Tharsheka Natkunam, Toronto Public Library Career Coach in Residence


So you want to know how to be a good speaker? A lot of times when we think of someone who is confident, we think they must be successful, that  success equals confidence. I am going to tell you that is not true. Confidence comes from within.

How, you might ask? If I asked you:

  • Who do you think of when you hear a confident speaker? Who comes to mind?
  • What does this person do or talk like that makes you think they are a good speaker?
  • Now think about a topic that you are really passionate or interested in. When you talk about that topic, how does it make you feel?

When you take your answers from these questions and put them together, that is what a confident speaker is: someone who knows what they are talking about and shows it. They speak from experience: experience equals confidence.

To speak with confidence in an interview, you need to convince the interviewer that you believe what you are talking about and are genuinely interested in the job. Try to apply that feeling of when you talk about something you are interested in to an interview. There are three things you need to speak with confidence:

  1. Know the material,
  2. Show your passion, and
  3. Speak from experience

First, when you know something really well, that influences the way you talk about it. When you prepare for an interview, review the job posting and know the key skills or qualifications required. Including these points as part of your interview answer will show an employer that you know what you are talking about.

Second, speaking with passion can be heard with your tone. When you talk about a topic you are interested in, the way you talk about it sounds convincing, like you are an expert in it. You want to bring that same feeling into an interview with how you answer questions and by conveying your genuine interest in the job.

Finally, when you speak from experience in your interview, you sound more prepared. This can include incorporating true events that you have experienced as examples in your interview answers. Most interview questions are designed to get you to talk about your previous experiences and how it is relevant to the job. Therefore, talking about your knowledge of the job, your passion about the work and your previous experiences will help you speak with confidence in an interview.

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