Are You the Next Billionaire?

March 6, 2018 | Karolina

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 Bank are money; and assistant teller Mrs. June Gora of the Bank of Montreal is shown here with about $200;000 of it. Mrs. Gora works in a top-security vault in the bank's main Toronto Branch and handles millions of dollars a week. The stacks of money here are being prepared for shipment to smaller Metro-area branches. Cash receipts front various special customers; such as the Toronto Transit Commission are also counted and processed here. Canadians have more than $24 billion on deposit with the chartered banks and less than $3;000;000 of it circulating.

Photo by Bob Olsen [CC - Toronto Star License] via Toronto Star Photo Archive

Did you know that the top 100 billionaires in the world own 1.3% of total world personal wealth? In 2017, Forbes put together a list of the 100 richest people in the world. Soon after, a British recruitment agency examined the list to discover if there’s any correlation between someone's first career move and how wealthy they eventually become. The company found that 30/100 of the top billionaires inherited or worked for a family business, 17 started their own business, and 53 of them worked for another organization.

If you want to be the next billionaire, the following five jobs and five degrees (see the full list here) would be most beneficial in helping to make your billionaire goals come true:

In 2017, these were the top five most common first jobs among the world's billionaires:

1. Salesperson
2. Stock trader
3. Software developer
4. Engineer
5. Analyst

In 2017, these were their top five degrees:

1. Engineering

Problem solving for new engineers what every engineering manager wants you to know by Melisa Buie  Engineering entrepreneurship from idea to business plan a guide for innovative engineers and scientists by Paul Swamidass  Engineering your future a comprehensive introduction to engineering by William C. Oakes

2. Business

Don't pay for your MBA the faster  cheaper  better way to get the business education you need by Laurie Pickard  Business degree success a practical study guide for business students at college and university by Jon Groucutt  Your MBA game plan proven strategies for getting into the top business schools by Omari Bouknight

3. Finance & Economics

Journal of economics and finance education  The big picture MBA what every business school graduate knows by Peter Navarro  Secrets to getting into business school 100 proven admissions strategies to get you accepted at the MBA program of your dreams by Brandon

4. Law

Cracking the LSAT Premium by The Princeton Review  LSAT unlocked 2018-2019 by Kaplan  PowerScore® LSAT logical reasoning bible a comprehensive system for attacking the logical reasoning section of the LSAT by David M. Killor

5. Computer Science

Computer Science Research and its Development Journal  Coding  robotics  and engineering for young students a tech beginnings curriculum  grades pre-K-2 by Ann Gadzikowski  Computer science notable research and discoveries by Kyle Kirkland

Not sure if you want to be a billionaire? Check out these enticing images of what making lots and lots of money could look like ;) via images from our Digital Archive:

Money - canada - 1960 -1969
Doomed dollars: The Bank of Canada used to burn old bills that were too scruffy to be recirculated. Today; the millions are shredded into specks of paper by this machine; under the watchful eye of Ross Tousaw; Toronto agent and banking operations adviser for the central bank.
Photo by Peter Power [CC - Toronto Star License] via Toronto Star Photo Archive

And if you are ever burdened with having TOO much money, and don't know where to put it all, you can always use it to fuel your furnace:

Vicki Hodgson stokes bank furnace with used bills
Photo by Reg Innell [CC - Toronto Star License] via Toronto Star Photo Archive