Regulated Trades in Ontario

August 15, 2017 | Karolina

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Some trades are regulated in Ontario. To work in these trades, you must have a certificate of qualification or be a registered apprentice.

In Canada, trades are regulated in each province. In Ontario there are more than 150 recognized trades. Of these, at least 23 require mandatory certification (i.e. you have to do an apprenticeship and take examinations). The other trades offer voluntary certification (i.e. certification and College membership are not legally required to practice the trade). The Ontario College of Trades regulates all trades in Ontario. To see fact sheets (which tell you about the trade, what training is required and how to find training for specific trades) visit Trades in Ontario and select any of the following four sectors:

Construction (e.g. electrician), Industrial (e.g. machinist), Motive Power (e.g. auto body repairer) or Service (e.g. hairstylist).

You can also find information about being an apprentice in a skilled trade on the Ontario government site Start an apprenticeship.

Now that you know what the regulated trades in Ontario are, you will need to find examination books. Toronto Public Library has examination books for many regulated trades that require certification for members. To find them, visit the Toronto Public Library website and in the search bar, type in terms like:

Electricians examinations Plumbing examinations Steam boilers examinations
Heating examinations Automobile mechanic examinations Beauty operators examinations
Food service examinations Carpentry construction Industrial mechanics

Then "Sort" your results by "Date" to find the most current and relevant edition.

Or check out one of the titles below:

 Stallcup's master electrician's study guide 2011 by James Stallcup  Plumber's licensing exam    Boiler operation engineering : questions and answers by Chattopadhyay

 HVAC licensing exam study guide by Rex Miller   ASE test preparation and study guide : covers ASE areas A1-A8 plus A9, G1 and L1  by James Halderman  Milady standard cosmetology exam review
Study guide to accompany The professional chef    Carpentry & construction by Mark Miller  Industrial mechanics by Albert Kemp

Good luck with your examinations!