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March 14, 2016 | Charlene

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Job searching has never been more accessible than within the last few years. In the past, you were restricted to looking for jobs or working on your resume on your home computer. It is now possible and more convenient to job search while on the move with the aid of mobile apps. Successful job seekers know they must stay abreast of any opportunity that comes their way, so having access to a handy mobile app gives job hunters the extra edge on the spot. Being able to access your professional network, looking at current job postings, exchanging digital business cards with ease, or quickly firing off your resume while on the go, becomes increasingly important in today's competitive job market. 

This is where job searching apps can be of benefit to your career development. What is a mobile app? Techopedia defines a "mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, [as] a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer." Their selective features are why customers can't get enough of them. These "small, individual software units with limited function" allow consumers to choose what functions they want their mobile devices to perform. 

Some mobile apps are free and others can be purchased through an app store such as Apple's App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store. How popular are they? According to Statista, there had been over 100 billion mobile apps downloaded since June 2015 from the Apple App Store. Worldwide download is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.  

There's an app for pretty much anything you're looking for. Do you need help with your resume? Try Pocket Resume. Or how about assistance in preparing for an interview? Look no further than Job Interview Questions Prep. However, be aware that as a mobile user, you may encounter bug issues depending on the app and the version you're using. And since they are frequently updated and fixed, it makes sense to stay current with the newest and latest apps. That's the nature of the beast when it comes to technology. That being said, for those wondering about what app job seekers should know about, here are just a few for your iPhone or Android to consider incorporating into your job search process.


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Job Search Apps

Job Search by Glassdoor (FREE/compatible with Android and iOS)

  • read company reviews and choose what companies to follow
  • read about company interview questions and job candidate experience
  • search for jobs based on salary criteria
  • receive job notifications
  • save your job searches, apply for a job from your mobile device or email jobs to a friend
  • searches for the newest and best jobs you may be interested in


LinkUp Job Search Engine (Android & iOS)
LinkUp Job Search Engine (Android & iOS)

Linkup Job Search Engine (FREE/compatible with Android and iOS)

  • find job postings from the "hidden job market"
  • job postings come directly from company websites
  • filter job searches using keywords, company and location
  • save, apply directly or email job listings to yourself or others
  • receive RSS feeds of your search results
  • get job alert notifications of new jobs as well as, any relevant job postings


Simply Hired (FREE/compatible with Androis and iOS)

  • aggregates job postings from job boards, company websites, online newspapers and more
  • set-up email alerts based on your criteria, apply in-app, or save jobs for future use
  • search for jobs based on location (focus is North America), job type (e.g. part-time or full-time) or date posted
  • search for jobs that match your needs

 zenPeak Job Alerts (compatible with Android and iOS)

  • job listings are for Toronto and GTA only
  • jobs posted are from the "hidden market" and not the large job boards
  • use of tags instead of drop-down menus
  • get job alerts by location and postal code
  • full-time and salaried jobs are posted
  • resume and career advice
  • website and app are synced up


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Resume Apps

 Pocket Resume (Purchase/compatible with iOS)

  • resume building app
  • create, edit, save, send, share and print (PDF) your resume directly from your mobile phone
  • work on your resume using professionally formatted layouts and designs (web resume templates)
  • sync your resume on iCloud between multiple devices


RadResume (FREE with in-app purchase options/compatible with iOS)

  • input your information with easy interface
  • option of importing your information from LinkedIn
  • free template and design (additional templates can be purchased)
  • professional and modern designs to choose from
  • create, save, print and send resume directly from mobile phone
  • send resume to your Dropbox account


 Resume Builder Pro (Purchase/compatible with Android)

  • Relevant data converted to a DOCX file
  • easy to back up your information automatically on new devices
  • modify your document file with ease using a free app 
  • easy format for resume building
  • sample resumes for reference
  • app generated resume
  • professional resume editing in-app service available 


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Interview Apps

 Interview Prep Questions (FREE/compatible with iOS)

  • this is a free video app
  • watch experts in the HR field talk about the interview process and how they would answer some tough interview questions
  • learn some tips and practical techniques to help you with the process
  • choose which questions you would like to see
  • practice and coach yourself with a set of questions


101 HR Interview Questions (FREE/compatible with Android)

  • familiarize yourself with the most commonly asked interview questions
  • 101 questions divided into several categories such as Common Questions, Problem Solving Skills, Personal Development and Time Management
  • Practice interview questions and compare your answers with the experts


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Networking Apps

SnapDat™ (FREE/compatible with iOS)

  • you take the traditional business card to another level with this app
  • digital business card that allows you to select how you want to display your details in a way that is convenient to you
  • New added GeoStamp mapping features available
  • multiple card designs and layouts to choose from with options to include your logo
  • tailor your designs according to your needs (business/personal) and even design a business card for people in your address book
  • you can send another SnapDat user your details to their account
  • you can also send your business card (vCard) to someone's email if they don't use the app
  • consolidate SnapDat contact details into your iPhone Address with ease so that sending, receiving and synching information from your contacts is done with little effort
  • link your SnapCard™ to other social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter


CamCard (FREE & PURCHASE/compatible with Android and iOS)

  • easily scan and store your business cards, or exchange electronic versions of cards
  • language recognition capability
  • store information in the cloud and sync it to other mobile devices
  • all contact information can be stored on your mobile phone (you can scan 200 cards in free version)
  • take care of all your business cards with ease (tag, share, search or add meeting notes)


 As you can see from this short list, there are numerous apps to choose from.  Try them out and use them to compliment the more traditional job searching techniques.  In addition, check out these titles on job hunting and app technology at the library.

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