Business Directories: City of Toronto and Area

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Business Directories: City of Toronto and Area

Toronto Public Library provides information in a variety of formats. These include downloads and ebooks, DVDs, articles and online research.  Additional help is available by consulting a librarian in the branch, calling Answerline (416-393-7131), using our email or online chat service, Ask a Librarian. You can also Book a Librarian (a 30 to 60 minute personal appointment with a librarian).

Getting Started

The Business, Science and Technology Department of the Toronto Reference Library (3rd floor) has many resources related to finding businesses in the city of Toronto and area. For additional information please ask at the Information Desk.

Searching the Library Catalogue

Suggested Subjects or Keywords:


Business enterprises -- Ontario -- Toronto – Directories

Business enterprises -- Ontario -- Toronto region --Directories

Corporations -- Ontario -- Toronto – Directories

Professional corporations --Ontario --Toronto Metropolitan Area – Directories


Business directories Toronto

Checking the Shelves

Relevant call numbers:

  • 061.1025
  • 331.12809
  • 338.00257
  • 338.09713 262
  • 380.10257
  • 620.0025713
  • 659.10257

Suggested Titles:

General Directories

Subject Specific Directories

Business Associations

Financial Services

Using Online Sources

Toronto Public Library provides access to a wide range of online resources, such as downloads and eBooks, as well as articles and online research. Most of these resources can be accessed outside the library from the Library's website with a valid Toronto library card.

Find Your Way…Downloads & eBooks

Click on Downloads & eBooks from the FIND YOUR WAY section of the Library's homepage. Click on Downloads: Start Here to find Getting Started with Library eBooks and Help for new users. From the Downloads & eBooks page, select OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks. Our largest eBook collection, OverDrive includes current non-fiction, videos and audiobooks. Click on Business & Careers under eBook Nonfiction to browse all titles in this category.    

Find Your Way…Articles & Online Research

Click on Articles & Online Research from the FIND YOUR WAY section of the library’s homepage, select Databases & Research Tools by Topic and then Business & Careers. (Or, just enter the title of the database in the main search box of the homepage, or browse using the A – Z List of All Databases).     

Suggested Titles:

Scott’s Business Directories Online

Find Your Way…Small Business                                         

Click on Small Business from the FIND YOUR WAY section of the library’s homepage to find Spaces to Meet and Work, Expert Staff Assistance, Specialized Business Resources, and business –related Programs and Seminars.

Recommended Websites 

Click on Books, Video, Research and More from the library’s homepage, select Recommended Websites, and then Business, Finance and Economics. To find websites on finding businesses in the city of Toronto and area click on Company Directories/Greater Toronto Area or Company Directories/Ontario.

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