How To Run a Great Meeting

April 2, 2015 | Alessya

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I love meetings. Ok, I can sense your eyes rolling through the computer screen, but I mean it! I love getting together with colleagues to brainstorm and discuss what's happening in the department. It's not everyday that we have the chance to actually sit down together, when there's so much work to be done! Meetings are also a great way for new employees to show initiative and share their ideas.
But what happens then, when you're asked to host a meeting? Does the idea of it send you running out of the building? Well I'm here to promise you that with a little preparation and an agenda, it won't be as bad as it seems. The Harvard Business Review has come up with an awesome cheat-sheet on which presentation-style you should use when hosting a meeting. It will depend on things like the content you're presenting, whether feedback is required and how much control you want.
Once you've decided on how you're going to go about running the meeting, here are some other tips and tricks to make it a success:
  • Create an agenda and stick to it
  • Make your objective clear
  • Invite only the people necessary to achieve your objective
  • Only use technology if it will add value to your meeting
  • Ask around the table for comments, to give those who tend to be quieter a chance to speak

For further reading on hosting a great meeting, try one of these books:

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