2015 Canada's Best Employers

April 17, 2015 | Elle

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Fats Domino in his 1964 album Fats on Fire performed Gotta' Get a Job: "I've gotta get a job..." So that got me thinking about the best places to work - who are Canada's best employers? Every year, a whole series of 'best' lists pop up. The Globe and Mail and Mediacorp recently published the 2015 Canada's Best Diversity Employers. It was an insert in the March 31, 2015 issue of The Globe and Mail and covered a range of employers from Accenture Inc. to the Manitoba government to Ryerson University to the YMCA of Greater Toronto! Also available online.

Then there's the perennial favourite: Canada's Top 100 Employers. Toronto Reference Library has the 2015 edition, the only print edition available in the Toronto Public Library system. What about online, you ask? The 2015 online edition was made available late last year; in fact, the 2016 edition is underway.

Then there's The Career Directory, Canada's longest-running and best-loved career guide for new grads. Along those lines is the Canada's Top Employers for Young People.