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March 21, 2015 | Elle

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On the first day of Spring, our thoughts can turn to all things green: grass, trees, plants jobs! You know what they say - the grass is greener on the other side, etc. So if you're looking to change your job, you may want to think about working either in the for-profit or nonprofit sector. There are all sorts of pros and cons for both sectors; but, traditionally, nonprofit sector salaries are much lower (about 40%) than their for-profit counterparts.

In Charity Village's article, Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf quotes that more than 165,000 nonprofits and charities operating in Canada contribute 7.8% of GDP and 10.5% of the labour force. A number of other notable developments: the appointment of the Canadian nonprofit world’s first-ever Chief Economist. Appointed in February 2013 as part of a plan spearheaded by Imagine Canada, Brian Emmett, a former federal public servant and economics graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Essex in England, is tasked with “measuring the impact of the sector and bringing economic issues facing charities and nonprofits to the forefront of public policy decision makers,” according to Imagine. And then there's Humber College Fundraising Management Program where you learn to design and run organized, highly effective campaigns. It also covers the latest trends in ethical philanthropy. If you want to explore the salaries in the nonprofit sector, check out this recently published salary survey, Compensation of Full-time Employees in Small Charities in Canada (PDF) published in 2013.

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