Best Part-Time Jobs

March 13, 2015 | Alessya

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There is the traditional path in life: go to school, get a degree, land a full-time job. And then there is the untraditional path: anything that defies that. I can't think of anything that has gone through more of a transition over time than the idea of what 'work' is. There are probably more options available to us today, in terms of how flexible we can be with our work environment, than ever before. We've heard of the 4 hour work week, the creativity of the Google offices and paperless meetings, to name a few. Working part-time is starting to become more common, as well, whether it's because someone's attending school to upgrade their skills or because someone made the choice to balance stay-at-home parenting with paying the bills. With many employers leaning towards using contract jobs to fill their job vacancies, permanent part-time work is becoming a viable option to getting some form of job security, too. Workopolis has put together a list of the best part-time jobs of 2015. In rating these jobs, they looked at emotional factors such as competitiveness of the job or degree of public contact, as well as physical factors such as stamina required and physical demands. More about job evaluation.
When considering whether permanent part-time work is right for you, of course you want to ensure that you can still be financially stable. This includes looking at the cost of things that are traditionally covered under a benefits plan. In addition, you may also want to consider things like how it may affect your spouse, if you are married, will you remain productive at home or do you prefer the discipline of having a routine, and will you have the option of picking-up extra hours if need be. Whether you decide to work part-time or full-time, it's always important to know what your legal rights are as an employee in Ontario.
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