Finding the Hidden Jobs

February 20, 2015 | Alessya

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Statistics Canada just announced that for every job vacancy there are 4.8 unemployed people, which is actually down from 5.6 last year. This means that there is essentially one job for every five people. So you may be asking yourself: how do I get to be the lucky one in five?

Being unemployed is a scary thing. There are bills to pay, families to support and we all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then. We're often told to check the job postings online or look at the classifieds in the newspaper, but is this really the best way to get your foot in the door? If everyone is looking at the same postings you are, what is the likelihood that you will come out on top? Fortunately, technology has not only made things a lot easier in terms of seeking out where the job vacancies are, but it has also made the hidden job market much more accessible.

What is the hidden job market? The hidden job market ultimately means finding those available jobs that only a select few people know are available. Sounds confusing, right? But it's really not. Things like networking, being proactive, meeting the right people, and building relationships can all lead you there. Thanks to websites like LinkedIn, finding the right connections in your field has never been easier! Other ways of accessing the hidden job market are to attend professional events, join associations, or follow relevant online forums. Service Canada has some more suggestions to access the hidden job market

The Business, Science & Technology department also offers workshops on LinkedIn and other ways to find a job.

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