More Money More Problems

September 19, 2014 | Alessya

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Women's issues are a topic that everyone hears about. Whether it be the recent discussion surrounding domestic violence brought to light by the sports industry or a debate on pro-choice, feminism is a subject that comes up time and again, often resulting in positive strides towards gender equality. But perhaps all this attention on positivity is actually masking an issue that the majority of everyday women still face: gender pay inequality. "The International Labour Organisation estimates that the average global gender pay gap now stands at 23%" (Financial Times, Sept. 18/14). What makes a statistic like this so shocking is that women are no longer primarily homemakers and in fact, women outnumber men in the number of people with post secondary degrees (Statistics Canada). And if you think you may convince yourself that this is a product of women forging career paths that generally pay less overall, regardless of gender, a survey showed that of 4000 U.S. MBA graduates, women were found to be paid $4600 less in their first job (Financial Times, Sept. 18/14). As a female graduate of business school, this doesn't exactly motivate me to want to pursue a post-graduate degree. The thought of doing all the same assignments and spending the same amount of hours studying as my male classmates, yet knowing that the end reward will be different, simply because I was born female, isn't that appealing. It would make reasonable sense then to assume more women would choose to pursue motherhood more aggressively than a career, since this is where society places their value.

So how can women take this information and turn it into something good? Well, luckily many people, regardless of gender, follow careers that they are intrinsically motivated by and more often than not, it is rare for someone to wake up in the morning and head to work solely for a paycheck and actually be happy about it. So don't let the statistics bring you down! Prove them wrong. Show that you are a woman and that you will roar! From Oprah to Hillary Clinton, there are many women following their dreams, in a man's world, and coming out on top. Be the exception, not the rule.

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