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August 1, 2014 | Elle

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By: AQ

By the time most students reach high school, they have it set in their minds that the path to a successful career is going to school, studying hard, getting good grades, obtaining a degree or two and then voila, they will be hired! But then something strange happens…they’re not hired and it’s hard to understand why not? They did everything right, even trading in late-nights at the bar for late-nights in the library, yet after going to a few interviews, they can’t help but wonder if maybe they’re missing something.

It is fairly straight-forward as to how to obtain the technical skills required for a professional or trade job in Canada, but what may ultimately end up setting you apart from the crowd is your comfort level when it comes to what are called the soft skills.

The top key soft skills are:

  • Communication – the ability to convey yourself clearly both orally and written
  • Enthusiasm and attitude – completing tasks in an upbeat and positive manner
  • Teamwork - working well with others to accomplish goals
  • Networking - being able to connect and interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts
  • Problem solving and critical thinking – being able to come up with appropriate solutions to problems
  • Professionalism – conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence

Soft skills are often referred to as one’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient. If you’re curious to see how high your EQ is, check out this quiz from the Institute for Health and Human Potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about soft skills or increasing your emotional intelligence, take a look at some of the titles the library has to offer:


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