What Do I Wear to the Interview?

June 27, 2014 | Elle

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My Significant Other and I have a running joke - we tell our friends and families that for every 10 new handbags I get, he gets a new car! While it is true that I have lots of handbags, there are some perennial favourites that I turn to now and again. When I was going for interviews, my go-to handbag was a small black kidney-shaped one with a medium-length handle. Cloth, edged with patent leather. A suit jacket, pants or skirt, brightly-coloured top and comfy pumps completed the picture. So what should one wear to an interview? What are musts? What are optional?

You can never go wrong with certain colours like black, navy, and white. Business Insider's post on the best and worst colours to wear to an interview gives you insight on this topic.

There's a whole host of advice on what to wear and what not to wear to an interview and both men and women can benefit from this.

Forbes magazine also published a list of interview tips. The one I remember the most is to wear glasses!

Check out the Youtube video!

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