Encore Careers: I'm Retired - But Now I Want to Go Back to Work!

January 2, 2014 | Elle

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Happy New Year to you all! May you remain resolute in your job-related intentions!

Many years ago, a friend's mother earned her Masters in English Literature. This was after she retired from her lifelong passion and job as a Registered Nurse. Another friend recently remarked that she is ready to return to work - maybe on a part-time basis. No, she wasn't on maternity leave nor was she unemployed. Yep, she was retired! Amazing how all these people have this energy and drive to consider an encore career!

There is much talk about this trend. I found plenty of articles in one of Toronto Public Library's  database - Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies. Search terms to use: "working after retirement" or  "work after retirement" (quotation marks needed).

Some books to consider:

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2index.aspx  (Also available as an eBook.)

Want more books? Search TPL's catalogue using the following search terms: retirees employment or older people employment or post-retirement employment.

If you are in the midst of planning for your retirement, you might want to attend these free Toronto Public Library seminars offered by field experts. Planning Your Retirement - What You Need to Know will take place at Lillian H. Smith branch on Wed., Feb. 19, in the evening. Planning for Retirement - Retirement is the Largest Bill You'll Ever Face will take place at Brentwood branch on Jan. 15, in the evening.