Is there a future for careers in art?

July 27, 2013 | Teresa

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Arts cover 1My daughter is embarking to university in the fall.  Unlike her older siblings, she has a firm eye on what she wants to major in.  She wants to pursue a career in visual art - specifically studio art - to use as a base to a future career in art curating or some other related field.  Of course as a parent, I immediately had visions of her as a starving artist, standing on a street corner selling her wares. 

Well it turns out I should not worry so much.  A recent National Endowment for the Arts  report, entitled Artist Employment Projections through 2018 suggests that there will be jobs in art related fields.  Despite the fact that this report is American, and a bit dated (2011), it gives one hope that there is a life after art school.  Some of the growing fields identified in this report include museum technicians and conservators, curators, landscape architects, multimedia artists and animators and graphic designers. 

But what about the Canadian market?  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has a portion of their website that is called the Canadian Occupational Projection System, in which you can plug in a NOC (National Occupation Code) and you can discover what the outlook is for a specific career area.  The NOC which includes art is 513.  It projects that there will be more retirements in the field than new hires to fill them.  Good news for those trying to enter the field. 

For more Canadian information, see Career Cruising, a database that you can access with your TPL library card, that gives information on a wide variety of careers, including interviews with people who actually are working in a particular occupation, as well as salary information, and education preparation.  Links to professional or related websites are also included.

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