How developing a personal brand can help your job search

June 29, 2013 | Teresa

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Personal brandingIn the brave new world of job hunting and social media's increasing role in screening job applicants, it has become essential to develop your own brand.  So what is that?  I know product brands - like Apple and Hershey's, but what is a personal brand?  

Personal branding, according to Meredith Levinson, in her blog post, "Developing a Personal Brand for Your Job Search" states that developing a personal brand should showcase your unique talents.  This can help you run a more effective job search.  Make you stand out in a crowd as it were.

So where do you start?  Most of the articles I looked at suggested devising a questionnaire about yourself and then contacting family, friends, former work colleagues.  Ask for suggestions about how they would describe you.  What attributes would they give your personality, work ethic, hobbies, personal interests, that you could use in making your on-line resume pop out in a pre-screening.

How to Build Your Personal Brand, Step by Step offers 8 suggestions for constructing your brand.  Some suggestions include developing a blog or personal website that reflects who you are perhaps using a site  like, networking with other professionals in your field, using social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. 

Why not check out a few books on the topic?

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Good luck with your building your brand!