Looking for a new job search tool? Why not try Pinterest?

May 31, 2013 | Teresa

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For many job seekers, social media has become THE place to search for a job, as well as promote yourself so potential employers can "discover" you.  I came across a couple of interesting posts the other day that promoted a social media tool that I would never have thought would be used for job searching - Pinterest.

Content and social media manager Brie Weiler Reynolds offers a few ideas in her post "5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search".  Some of her suggestions include creating a resume pin board, that includes a visual representation of items on your resume, such as the companies you have worked for, schools you have attended, hobbies, places you have volunteered. 

Sean Weinberg in his post "Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search?", advises that once you have set up your job search board, to promote it with links to it from your resume, business cards, and if you have one, your personal website. Since Pinterest requires either a Facebook or Twitter account, you can cross promote using those vehicles.

Check out this video that walks you through some of the ways you can construct a resume pin board:


And of course the library has many books to get you started, if you need it, on creating your own Pinterest space.  A few recent titles include:

Pinterest for dummies     Pinterest my     Pinterest kick