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October 31, 2012 | Linda

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You are in the Career and Job Search Help blog, but have you checked out the Job and Career Help pages on the Toronto Public Library's website?

It is broken down into sections -- Job & Career Help; Market Yourself; Job Searching; Career Training; Success -- each full of helpful tools, links, online sources, books, and many other resources to help you in your job search.

1001 Phrases you need to Get a Job

In the Market Yourself section, for example, there is a listing of New Job Interviewing titles now available in the library. You can place your cursor over the picture of the book you want, click on it, and be taken right to the library's catalogue where you can place a hold on it.

Below that there is a listing of current blogs, such as this one, but related to resumes and cover letters, in other words, "marketing yourself." 

In the column on the right, there is first a listing of Online Tools. Through the library's website and with your library card and pin number, you have free access to online versions of Scott's Business Directories Online, Business Writing, Financial Post (FP) Advisor, and Associations Canada from anywhere in the world.

Below the Online Tools, there are some Recommended Websites and links such as Cold calling: a time-tested method of job-hunting and a Guide to Interviewing Resources from, The interview game: illegal questions from, and The Riley Guide: Prepare your resume for email and online posting from