Resume vs CV in Canada?

April 22, 2010 | Silvia

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Job postings will sometimes ask for a CV (Curriculum Vitae) instead of the usual resume. Do you know the difference between a resume and a CV in Canada? I always thought they were the same thing. I was wrong! 

If you live in Quebec, the terms CV and resume tend to be used interchangeably. However, in Canada's other provinces, a CV is very different from the standard resume. While a resume is usually one or two-pages in length, a CV will be longer (usually 5-10 pages long). 

A resume is a summary of your skills, experience and education.  A CV is a more detailed and in depth description of your work experience, achievements and qualifications. Typically, a CV is used by people looking for senior executive jobs or applying for academic, scientific, education, or research positions.

According to, your CV should include:

  • Professional Licenses or Certifications
  • Listing of Relevant Course Work to Match Career or Academic Objective
  • Scientific or Academic Research, Laboratory Experience, Grants Received
  • Description of Thesis or Dissertation
  • Papers, Books and other Publications You Have Written
  • Academic or Professional Presentations Delivered
  • Professional and Association Memberships
  • Letters of Recommendation or a List of References
  • Professional Development You Have Undertaken

The University of Toronto, Career Centre also has tips on what a CV should contain.  Take a look at the books below for more ideas:

Cv c
Cv b