Job Search Guides for Internationally Trained Professionals: Dental Assistants

April 23, 2010 | Elle

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Internet resources listed in this guide explain the rules and terminology for this profession. The resources also explain the procedures for becoming licensed as a member of the profession in
Ontario. These sites are available on any computer with Internet access.


Getting Licensed to Work in Ontario:


Guide to Working in the Professions and Trades in Ontario:


Glossary of terms used for licensed or regulated professions and trades in Ontario:


Titles and regulation status for professions and trades in Ontario

Job Profiles:


Occupational Profiles for Selected Trades and Professions:


Assessment of international credentials and qualifications:

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials


World Education Services 


Getting licensed as a DENTAL ASSISTANT in Ontario?

Information for foreign-trained dental assistants 


Technical occupations in dental health care 



Provincial Regulating Body


Dental assistants are not a regulated profession in Ontario. The Ontario Dental Assistants Association ( is seeking regulation status for the profession. Consult the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC) at for information on Ontario government consideration of regulation requests from the dental assistants’ professional association.


Examining Body


National Dental Assisting Examining Board


Provincial Certifying and Professional Association


Ontario Dental Assistants Association

Have a look at these books!

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Also available is an electronic journal entitled, Inside Dental Assisting.