Networking for the Shy or Introverted

February 26, 2010 | Frances

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Do you find it difficult to walk into a room full of people you don't know? If you are shy or introverted, it is extremely challenging. But self-promotion and networking have become important tools for job hunters and for people eager to get ahead in their careers.

Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook make networking easier for shy people. No awkward pauses in the conversation! But you have to network in person too, not just online.Self-promotion for introverts When I was looking for some books on networking, I found that the library just received Self-promotion for Introverts as well as several others aimed at helping shy people.

Sometimes when I read networking advice, I feel that the writer thinks I should have the confidence of Vince of ShamWow! It's very reassuring to know that there are books specifically for introverts!

Here are more books on the topic. A warning though - you aren't the only one interested in this topic! You will have to place a hold for them by clicking on the book cover.

Confessions of an introvert  Stop pushing me around   Introverted leader

Why should extroverts make all the money? Networking made easy for the introvert 

200 best jobs for introverts  

More resources:

The author of 200 Best Jobs for Introverts has produced a YouTube video about introverts and jobs. Writers are recognizing that the shy person needs help with networking.

Networking for the shy entrepreneur - neat tip: get in line (bar, buffet, book signing) and it will be easier to chat with someone. 

Schmoozing 101: tips for shy techies - Networking can be learned!

Job search tips for introverts  - I liked the commonsense tips for events like look for the person alone and support other people. 

5 Networking Tips for Shy or Introverted People - The author says that you can make shyness into an advantage. And smile!

Self-promotion for Intraverts - Free excerpt from the book by Nancy Ancowitz.

Can being an introvert be good for your careeer? - Challenges and strengths for introverts when writing a resume, being interviewed and networking.

So let's all get out there!