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Digital Content For The Holiday Season

December 22, 2014 | Joanne | Comments (0)

OneClick Digital eAudiobooks

The holidays are a perfect time to relax and listen to some eAudiobooks. OneClick Digital Audiobooks has many popular titles for adults, teens and children. Set up is easy. First time users need to create an account and download the OneClick Digital Media Manager software to their computer.  Video tutorials are available to help you get started. The OneClickdigital eAudio app is also available for Android, iPhone, iTouch and iPad users.

The Orenda Z08003_image_128x192 And the mountains echoed 5000340_image_128x192 Bone clocks Z04473_image_128x192 Flowers in the Attic Z10410_image_128x192
Diary of a Wimpy kid Z0094_image_128x192 Invention of Wings Z07810_image_128x192 Pimsleur Chinese Mandarin 54303_image_128x192 Pimsleur French 54958_image_128x192


Simon & Schuster Titles Now Available in OverDrive

A great selection of eBooks published by Simon & Schuster was recently made available through OverDrive.

I've Got You Under My Skin {DE3AF86E-21DB-4CF0-9192-92A9880E6C59}Img400

One for the Money {2377EA58-AA5C-416B-BF89-A417F896A1AE}Img400 Hilary Clinton {CD270001-8A28-4C0D-8D7E-688D36A5FC99}Img400
Fahrenheit {63348573-0F7A-4FB9-B84F-F83F7FF14D54}Img400 Team of Rivals {BDACE166-9808-4859-A723-D933B7E6FF66}Img400 Steve Jobs {C6794636-A74F-49AE-A54D-C87EA3858B02}Img400


Zinio Digital Magazines - New Condé Nast titles now available

Some great new Condé Nast digital magazine titles are now available through Zinio. Customers can checkout and download issues to a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Vogue cover Vanity Fair cover   New yorker cover
GQ cover Bon Appetit cover Vogue Italia cover

   There is something for everyone. Happy holidays!




Let's talk apps!

November 14, 2014 | Diana S. | Comments (0)

AppWordCloudIt may be the mobile information age, but we hope the public will still think of the library as the place to go for their information needs no matter what age they may be. It’s always a good idea to keep up with technological advancements and know what’s new out there. There are a lot of applications on the market for library users and librarians. The number of mobile apps for smartphones, iPads, tablet computers, and other mobile devices are steadily growing – people are using apps every day and all day.   

Flurry Analytics indicate that as of March 2014, users are spending 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices. These 'mobile addicts’ launch apps at least 60 times per day. AppsIf the public is spending more time on their apps than ever before, then let’s talk app to them. Our own Toronto Public Library Website has a list of Mobile Apps for Library Services. For a list of recommended mobile apps for librarians, see 50 Great Mobile Apps for Librarians and its presentation. Here are some of the apps I like and found useful: 

Library of Congress – Virtual Tour 
This is a free app that gives a virtual tour of the Library of Congress as if you were there. The virtual tour includes: The Main Reading Room; The Great Hall; Exploring the Early Americas; Creating the United States; The Bible Collection; Thomas Jefferson’s Library; and Minerva.  

IELTS Skills            
This app looks at a range of topics in the areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing that will help develop skills needed to answer IELTS academic questions.  

Canadian Citizenship Test and Canadian Citizenship Test Exam 
Although not a substitute for the book Discover Canada, questions are based on the book and will help in the study and preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test.  

Canadian Driving Tests 
This app is not free, but the website Driving Tests 101 will give an idea of what the app is like. You will learn the rules, signs, and law of the road.  

Aesop for Children 
This is a free app by the Library of Congress featuring an interactive version of the classic Aesop tales. There are over 140 stories accompanied with animated illustrations.  

RecordBooks Free 
This is one of the great ways to keep track of books without the need for pencil or paper.  

BookBuddy – Book Library Manager 
BookBuddy is a book management application that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. You can create an organized lis tof all the books in your library, allowing you to quickly and easily find any book. You can then share or loan out your books and keep track of them. You can create and save notes on each book or enter other information you would like. 

Goodreads – Book Recommendations and Reviews for Great Books and eBooks  
This app not only keeps track of what you’ve read, but what you want to read. You can see book reviews, rate books, review books, and recommend books. 

If you want to find out what other apps are out there, try the AppCrawler, an app discovery engine.   You AppCrawlrcan specify a specific device or all devices. The AppCrawler will let you know the hottest or most used app. You can find out what’s the hottest in book readers, rising stars in eBook readers, or hottest in books & reference.

Remember the buzz-worthy and catchy phrase, "There's an app for that," which Apple filed for a trademark? Yes. There is an app for finding apps – see 10 Apps for Finding Apps. Some of the apps include: 



eBooks, eMagazines, music and video for summer

July 20, 2014 | Joanne | Comments (0)

Summer is a great time to relax and spend time reading, listening to music or watching movies. The library offers a wide variety of services for you to enjoy.

  • OverDrive is our largest eBook collection with over 40,000 available titles including fiction and non-fiction. Penguin Canada titles have been recently added.


419    Orenda7-2-2014 1-34-50 PM   Police Jo Nesbo 7-2-2014 1-37-06 PM

Cory Doctorow 7-2-2014 2-02-10 PM   California 7-2-2014 1-41-12 PM   Super Foods 7-2-2014 1-40-23 PM

Featured Collections

Featured Collections is a good way to find new releases, book club favourites, TPL Staff Picks, Toronto in Fiction and African-American & Urban Titles.

Featured Collections 7-8-2014 3-58-10 PM

A new OverDrive Kids eReading Room features picture books and chapter books that can be downloaded or read online.

50 Below Zero 7-2-2014 1-54-59 PM   101 Dalmations 7-2-2014 1-54-20 PM   Marvel Adventure7-2-2014 1-57-38 PM   Amber Paula Danziger7-2-2014 1-56-52 PM


  • Zinio provides over 300 current issues of popular magazines. Download the issue to your computer, tablet or phone. Some articles include interactive audio and video clips. Back issues are available. New titles will be added in September including Hello UK magazine.


       Economist png file 7-9-2014 9-15-28 AM   Canadian Living png 7-9-2014 9-16-03 AM


  • Checkout Hoopla to borrow digital music and video to stream in your web browser or enjoy offline on your smartphone or tablet.


         Lego Movie7-2-2014 2-46-29 PM      Northanger Abbey 7-2-2014 2-50-42 PM      Pink Panther 7-2-2014 2-45-25 PM

         Drake 7-3-2014 1-47-25 PM    Frozen 7-3-2014 1-45-27 PM       Lorde Pure Heroine 7-10-2014 9-17-28 AM


There is something for everyone. Sign up for a library card if you don't already have one. Enjoy the summer!







What's all the hoopla about?

November 27, 2013 | Niki | Comments (0)



Uvm_00602537566730_thumbnailhoopla is a product geared specifically to libraries.  It allows  patrons to temporarily download or stream TV, movies and music for free to watch on their smartphone, tablet or computer.  hoopla has over 5,000 movies & TV shows for adults, kids and families as well as movies in Uvm_00602537564484_thumbnailall the favourite genres: Action & Adventure, Cartoons, Biographies, Comedies, Documentaries,Dramas, Science  Fiction, and more. hoopla also has over 250,000 albums you can listen to.

Unlike OverdrUvm_00602537555697_thumbnailive the items are always available to borrow and never have a waiting list. 

At present several Canadian public library systems are using hoopla including Hamilton, Guelph, Edmonton and Richmond, BC

Toronto Public Library is investigating this platform for our use.  Can Freegal or IndieFlix  be far behind?







Naxos Music Library Jazz

July 11, 2013 | Mary-Beth | Comments (0)

Looking for jazz music downloads?  Naxos Records started as a large independent classical music label and has recently released Naxos Music Library Jazz.  This database contains over 7,500 jazz titles from Naxos Jazz and over 200 other labels such as Blue Note, EMI, Fantasy and Warner Jazz.  The genres included are contemporary jazz, jazz, blues, nostalgia, and world jazz.

0077778135753Browse by label, artist, composer (including lyricist and arranger), genre, and the time period the recording was added to the database library.   You can also browse from the play screen of an album by clicking on the names of the composers and artists.  You can also search by keyword or perform an advanced search.  Results show the artist/title of album and catalogue number. Click on either to get to the play screen.

Try creating playlists of album tracks. Click on Playlists and sign up for an account. A user guide on playlists is available after you activate your account and log in.  Don’t forget to download the free app from iTunes.

Naxos JazzFind the Naxos Music Library Jazz database through the Toronto Public Library’s A-Z list of all databases Sign in with your Toronto Public Library card and start enjoying more jazz today.


Summertime Reading - Zinio eMagazines

June 28, 2013 | Joanne | Comments (0)

Chatelaine ENG 6-24-2013 10-02-14 AM   Hello Canada -24-2013 10-03-28 AM
Newsweek 6-24-2013 10-21-58 AM  Golf Tips 6-24-2013 10-07-37 AM


Summer is a great time to get caught up on magazine reading. Zinio eMagazines, a new service, offers unlimited access to current issues of over 300 popular magazines. You can check out as many magazines as you like. Magazine issues are always available and remain on your computer or device until you delete them.

Some key features:

  • You will need a Toronto Public Library card to register for Zinio
  • You will have to create two accounts using the same email address and password - one at to check out magazines and a Reader account to read checked out magazines via streaming online with computers and/or downloaded offline via mobile apps. The same email address and password should be used to create the two accounts
  • For tablet and device customers there is a free Zinio mobile app to read and download magazines. Go to to select the appropriate app for your device.
  • You need to return to the Toronto Public Library Zinio eMagazines page every month to get the next issue

Please see a Zinio User Guide for help with Getting Started with Zinio eMagazines.

Digital Public Library of America

April 22, 2013 | Susan | Comments (0)

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has just been launched by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet Society.

Digital Public Library of America website

Like the Europeana library, DPLA collects digital objects and their metadata from libraries, archives, universities, and other cultural institutions and makes it all available through an online portal. Contributing institutions so far include the Smithsonian, the National Archives, the New York Public Library, Harvard University, and several others across the United States.

You can search DPLA by keyword, browse by subject, map, or timeline, or explore curated exhibitions, which are organized by theme (e.g.: Activism in the U.S.) and sub-theme (e.g.: Civil Rights Movements; LGBT Activism; Women's Activism). If you register for an account, you can save your searches and items and create "playlists" to refer to or share with others.

You can also access all of the related metadata, which DPLA has decided to make freely available under the CC0 Public Domain Declaration. DPLA and Europeana have already worked together with that metadata to create an app that allows for a combined search of both resources. The metadata has also been used by the awesome Harvard's Library Innovation Lab to create DPLA StackLife, an app that makes (parts of) the virtual collection visible and discoverable.

At this point, DPLA is still pretty buggy and not yet completely formed. But it is an impressive start. Librarian and historian Robert Darnton, and one of DPLA's founders, describes the DPLA in an article in The New York Review of Books

"How to think of it? Not as a great edifice topped with a dome and standing on a gigantic database. The DPLA will be a distributed system of electronic content that will make the holdings of public and research libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies available, effortlessly and free of charge, to readers located at every connecting point of the Web. To make it work, we must think big and begin small. At first, the DPLA's offering will be limited to a rich variety of collections - books, manuscripts, and works of art - that have already been digitized in cultural institutions throughout the country. Around this core it will grow, gradually accumulating material of all kinds until it will function as a national digital library."

You can read more about DPLA in this Library Journal interview with Executive Director Dan Cohen, including his response to concerns that DPLA will replace some of the functions of public libraries. For some initial reaction to DPLA from librarians, take a look at this Library Journal article. And don't forget to take a look at the DPLA website itself and share your thoughts (I'm thinking, hm, what about a Digital Public Library of Canada?) in the comments section below.

Life on MaRS - Home Grown Tech: Start It Up

March 3, 2013 | Niki | Comments (0)


DoodleHyun-Duck Chung (MISt, Information Specialist) and Helen Kula (MISt, Data Product Manager) of MaRS Discovery District put together a showcase of startups for the OLA Super Conference 2013.  They handpicked them to appeal to and reflect the library interests and needs and succeeded in providing a wonderfully  varied and relevant group of products from Canadian companies. 

Have you a group of writers that crave to be published?  Wattpad is a great platform for discovering and sharing stories.   You can write one chapter at a time, or share a full novel.  Whether you love romance, humorous short fiction, futuristic sci-fi or paranormal mysteries, Wattpad is for you.  Authors range from Cory Doctorow to Shawn from Lethbridge. Margaret Atwood is the judge of the Atty's, the Wattpad Poetry Awards.  Wattpad offers a truly  social, and entirely mobile reading experience in over 20 languages.




Water_cycleSpongelab's mission: we believe that cutting-edge technology and stunning interactive media should be available to everyone, regardless of fiscal constraints.  

If you register with them you have free access to a huge range of science resources from the ubiquitous water cycle diagram, to  a video of what happens when lava is poured on ice to a dragon breeding genetics game.  Often you will be given a link to the Canadian  textbook this is alligned with.



SoapBox is a customer feedback mechanism that integrates into your webpage.  It automatically tags and categorizes the  ideas.  It also finds similar ideas and prompts you to merge your idea before submitting it.  On top of its voting and comments, SoapBox is fully integrated into Facebook with more social networks coming.   For a look at this program in operation check out Indigo, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Indigo Ideas. This would be a nice addition to the TPL website. 


Sciencescape  is a tech startup providing an end-to-end research discovery and management platform for the Life Sciences .  Sam Molyneux, PhD Student at the Ontario Cancer Institute, found there  are  2,000 to 4,000 research papers coming out every day.That's one and a half million peer reviewed papers every year.  The goal of this project is to organize all of the literature that comes in a way that makes sense. They look at labs, journals, places, and authors to have breaking research and community activity pushed directly to your newsfeed based on your profile.  There is no need for repetitive searching and you can quickly scan new publications, read abstracts, and download the full article text

06_39_01_833_fileThis year's Global Startup Battle took place across 137 events in 60 countries with 10,000 entrepreneurs participating. The winner was Ontario-based Groupnotes.  It is a collaboration tool for groups who do research. As users browse the web, they can annotate pages, take notes, and leave comments—and when other members of their group browse, they can see these and add their own.

Tabillo  offers a web-based business collaboration tool that enables small to medium-sized companies to go beyond online file sharing. . Businesses can collaborate on internal processes, tailor apps to meet specific needs and easily access/share multiple types of files internally and externally.










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