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February 2015

School and association cruising

February 23, 2015 | Ranald | Comments (0)

The e-resource Career Cruising is good for profiling careers. What might not be so obvious is that it's also good for finding out where, in pursuit of a career, you can go to school; and what related, local associations there might be.




Say you want to know where you might go to school to become a chef. Click on "Careers", enter "chef" in the keyword search window, and select "chef" from the results.

On the page for chefs, select "Education" from the menu on the left. Scroll down to the "Related college & university programs" menu and select e.g. "Culinary arts / chef training." This will take you to a list of links to colleges and programs in Ontario (the default).


Let's say you're a pharmacist and wish to know what associations for pharmacists there might be. Again, click on "Careers", enter "pharmacist" in the keyword search window, and select "pharmacist" from the results (the only result, actually).

On the page for pharmacists, select "Other resources" from the menu on the left. Among the links that are listed will be links to Canadian associations for pharmacists.


E-resources in Chinese

February 19, 2015 | Niki | Comments (0)

ThCAETNP9NHappy New Year!  Happy Year of the Yang!  The big debate over Sheep or Goat is explored in this CTV story but most treat it philosophically: "The year of the yang, 2015, is neither a sheep nor a goat. It is a beautiful and elegant milk yang! Abundant milk, clothes and food. It will be a halcyon year," wrote one user on Sina Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

To celebrate this major, global holiday I thought I'd look at some of the e-resources that we have in the Chinese language.

1Overdrive:  Overdrive has about 1200 eBook titles in Chinese. You can filter a search by language or click on  Chinese in the Language Collections at the top of the home page to bring up a list to browse.  We could also type a search in Chinese characters that would bring up the title.  Most titles appear to be in simplified script.

Zinio: Zinio has about 40 magazines.  The great thing about its content is that many are popular, Hong Kong and Taiwanese titles. They include various editions of Cosmopolitan and GQ as well as well as Common Health Magazine and Next .  These can also be searched in Chinese characters but with 40 titles its easy Coverto browse.

hoopla:  While unable to search in Chinese characters hoopla does have a good browsing collection of movies in "Chinese Cinema".  The language is specified as Cantonese, Mandarin or (unhelpfully) Chinese.

2Chinese E-magazines: This carries 2300 full-text magazines from  the People's Republic of China.  They cover a broad range of subjects including art, literature, history, science, politics, health, business, economics and more. The magazines can be viewed in both simplified and traditional characters.  The interface can be set to traditional or simplified so the magazines are more accessible.

This is just a quick list.  What have I missed? 





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