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Generate This!

December 7, 2013 | Diana S. | Comments (0)

I’m sometimes at a lost to come up with a random phrase quickly – especially when different sentences to use to test typing skills, or demonstrate the text formatting features Arrows01of Microsoft applications are needed. The often used ‘the quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog’ can be boring. You would want something interesting and different every time

It’s the same for passwords. When you’re asked to think of a password, there are sometimes specific requirements such as a certain length, or the password must contain a symbol and a number. Sometimes, bad passwords such as ‘password’, or ‘123456’ are used. I find myself thinking that there must be a generator out there for passwords, sentences, or random words. If there are QR codes generators, then why not a generator for other things?


QR Code Generator
The QR code generator was featured in an earlier blog QR Codes – What are Those Strange Things? Short for ‘Quick Response’, you found out that QR codes are square black dots usually arranged on a white background in a square grid. You can generate a QR code for a phone number, an eMail address or a url. For instance, the QR codes for the IST Blog and the text "IST Blog" are:

   QRcodeURL          QRcodeTextISTBlog

Which one is the url for the IST Blog and which one is the text "IST Blog"?
There are numerous QR code generators including: Create QR Code;; Kaywa; and


If you’re having difficulty choosing a series of numbers on a whim, try Random.Org to create an arbitrary group of numbers. The Random Number Picker gives you a choice of picking a unique series of numbers from a range.


Password Generator
The password generator can help with creating passwords that are not easy to guess or crack. It can also be used to make up passwords that have specific requirements of length, characters, or symbols. The Secure Password Generator helps create passwords of varying lengths. You can choose to have the password contain a combination of symbols, lowercase letters, upper case letters, numbers, or characters. Another password generators is the Random Password Generator to create passwords that you can pronounce.


Phrase generators help create random phrases and sentences.  The creates nonsensical corporate slogans and missions statements (e.g. “We will continue to deliver international knowledge bases for today’s new economy corporations.”); random financial advice and finance jargon (e.g. “In lump-sum sectors, never prepay standardized credit exposures.”); or random political rhetoric (e.g. “Unlike my opponent, I believe in our precious environment, our sense of trust and our brave police force.”).

The Sentence Generator generates a random sentence from a list of words (e.g. “Over and over a flock of steady misers and two jovial hyenas accidentally pursued the cruel jerboa with a toaster.”) or you can use your own list of words (e.g. “Every Friday a cloud of hulking ranalds and ten spotted richards and dianas painfully counselled the kingly tiziano.”).


Word Cloud
Word clouds are visual representations of a series of key words or popular terms. They are fun can be used to make .ppt presentations interesting. Wordle generates word clouds from text that you provide. For instance, the word cloud for terms related to ‘innovation’ is:


The word cloud for most of the IST blog titles is:

  WordCloudFromBlogTitles 02

Not only can you create word clouds from simple text, but also a web page url, or even a whole file. Some word cloud generators offer options of different font styles and size as well as varying colour combinations, and layouts.

A selection of word cloud generators include: TagCrowd; Word it Out; and Tagxedo.


What different generators can you think of?


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