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September 2011

All things Canadian databases - Canada's Information Resource Centre

September 27, 2011 | Diana S. | Comments (0)

Canada's Information Resource Centre

Canada's Information Resource Centre databases give instant access to information on Canadian organizations, businesses, libraries, schools, governments, and cultural institutions. The list of databases includes:

  • Associations Canada
  • Canadian Almanac & Directory 
  • Canadian Environmental Resource Guide
  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide
  • Financial Services Canada
  • Governments Canada
  • Libraries Canada

Click on  Canada's Information Resource Centre-An Overview for an overview of the above databases and the breadth of information available.


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Converting Microsoft Word 2007 documents

September 8, 2011 | Susan | Comments (0)

Information staff may encounter customers who need a Word 2003 compatible document.  Commonly, the issue is that a customer has saved a document using in .docx (Word 2007) format and cannot open the document using a personal computer that is still operating on Word 2003 software. To assist these customers in opening their documents, staff can refer them to an online file conversion website.  There are numerous different websites that offer this function. These are some examples: will convert a .docx file to a simple html format for free. Some of the content may be stripped out during the conversion process, but the website does support bold, italic, and underlined text.  Users do not need to register with the website, but require an email address to use the service.  Once the document has been converted it will be emailed to them. is a free online file converter with added security features.  The site offers encryption with SSL to deliver secure file transfers.  Users are not required to download any software or register with the website.  Results are immediate, and the website does not store, retain, or backup any documents. offers free conversions for a broader range of formats.  Users can convert audio, archive, document, image and video files.  An email address is required to receive the converted files, and users have the option of registering with the website.  Registration extends the time that the link to the converted file will remain active from 3 days for unregistered users to 10 days, and increases the size limit of the file from 120 MB to 300 MB.    

Practice Canadian Citizenship Tests in Learning Express Library

September 6, 2011 | Diana | Comments (0)

Do you have patrons who are preparing over the summer to take the Canadian Citizenship test?  

 Point them to the Canadian Citizenship tests in Learning Express Library (LEL), a database that can be reached by starting from the “Books, Videos, Research & More” button on the TPL homepage.  LEL provides practice tests and answers, on a variety of topics, for a variety of fields, for all ages- the Citizenship Test is just one example of the tests found on LEL.

 Users of LEL create their own account in order to save tests and other materials. First step is for them to make their own personal Account in LEL to select and save their work.

Mom and childimages

 They should set their library card barcode number as their Username because this is needed to access remotely. They can create any Password they prefer.



 Next they select "Canadian Citizenship" from the options on the left and add the Practice Tests, there are two posted, to their 'My Center' folder (click on "Add to My Center").


 These tests will take them through all they need to get ready. The online practice tests consist of questions based on information provided in the official study guide, Discover Canada.  The tests help newcomers become familiar with the subject matter and questions they will face on the real test including the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship, government, history, symbols, geography, voting procedures, and how to register to vote.  

 Patrons can save the tests and return later. Tests are scored and correct answers are provided.    Patrons are also advised to consult the Citizenship and Immigration website at for further information.


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