Hot, Sweaty Mess

October 18, 2022 | Reagan

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Despite using the catchphrase "no sweat," a lot, the truth is I am human and I do sweat. In fact, I sweat a lot (both physically and mentally). So of course when a title like "The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration," appeared on TPL's Health and Wellness New Books page, I immediately placed a hold. Since I am also a big fan of microhistories I thought I would lean into this topic and provide you with a highly curated list of books that embrace being a hot, sweaty mess.

Cover image of The joy of sweat : the strange science of perspiration

The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration by Sarah Everts

Would it shock you to know that the world spends 75 billion dollars a year on antiperspirants and deodorants, as Evert says, "in an attempt to pretend we don't sweat and that this nonexistent sweat has no odor." The book that sparked this hair-brained blog post, I thought it was extremely well done and uniquely fascinating. 

Cover image of Sweat : a history of exercise

Sweat: A History of Exercise by Bill Hayes

A remarkable writer! Hayes takes readers through the history of exercise from Hippocrates to Jane Fonda splicing in his own personal journey with spin classes and downward dogs. This award winning book was a highly anticipated new book for 2022 and after reading it, I would put Hayes up there with other great science writers like Mary Roach and Siddartha Mukherjee

No Sweat

No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness by Michelle Segar

I can see why folks would gravitate to a program that promises the break the cycle of exercise failure and broaden what exercise actually means. In Segar's book, exercise should include activities you first and foremost enjoy, even if those activities don't cause you to sweat. After all, even if you're just walking for exercise, you have already lapped everyone on the couch! Pick up a copy and decide for yourself. 

Cover image of Let's get physical : how women discovered exercise and reshaped the world

Let's Get Physical by Danielle Friedman

With an introduction simply titled, "Sweat," this book made me grateful that I don't live in a time when sweating was considered unladylike. Tracing the forward-thinking, female, fitness pioneers from the 1960s to now, Friedman tells the story of how women moved together, literally and figuratively, towards empowerment. Hooray for yet another title celebrating the power of Jane Fonda!

Cover image of Set on you

Set On You by Amy Lea

With a reading goal of 150 books this year, I have picked up my fair share of contemporary romance books this past year. Though I don't usually recommend fiction in this blog this is a fun exception that combines my love of Romance with my love of the gym. Not to mention it features a strong feminist lead (a curvy fitness influencer, Crystal Chen). 

Comment below and let me know if any of these books inspired you to embrace your sweaty side.