Well Wrapped Wellness

September 29, 2022 | Reagan

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I'm a sucker for a great book cover. I know I'm not alone. Since starting my journey into eAudiobooks though, I don't often pick up a book and judge it based on its cover. Instead, I download, double tap an airpod, toss it into my pocket or backpack and off I go.

Three bookcovers: "Yerba Buena," "Clean," and "I love you, call me back"
Audiobooks I'm currently listening to, photo by author

That stops today. Let me incentivize you with these grin-inspiring book covers that will give you that "grabby-grabby" (as my toddler says) feeling. Their insides are also pretty great. Though the topics vary widely, I think we can all agree that the information inside these wellness books are very well wrapped. 

Dope Therapy

Dope Therapy by Shani Tran

Even after taking the leap and seeking out counselling, you may still experience roadblocks to your therapeutic success. Though the advice in this book may be things we already know, for example, don't hold back with your therapist, they are great reminders to get your primed for more effective therapy. 

This is not a book about Benedict Cumberbatch

This Is Not A Book About Benedict Cumberbatch by Tabitha Carvan

Even if this was a book about Benedict Cumberbatch, I would still pick it up off the shelf and marvel at it. The title was definitely the main reason I grabbed it, but the insides of the book are just as hilarious and thought-provoking: mothers, obsession, fears, labels and guilt. 


Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure by Mark Harper

Think you're brave enough to dive into this simple, three part approach to improving your physical and mental health? My mother did a polar bear dip and ended up breaking her foot, though she didn't realize until she warmed up ...days later. No thanks, I'll suffer through my migraines. 

F--k It

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C Parkin 

This author has a history of dropping wellness-related "F bombs" and starting revolutions. Also, you know a book is worth reading when it's been updated and reprinted, as this book has been. Be it relationships, food, parenting, your job or climate change, this book will help you embrace a new approach to wellness by saying, "F**k it." Doctors and Distillers

Doctors and Distillers by Camper English

I have been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two, so this book grabbed my attention even before I read its perfect dedication, "To your health." With cocktail recipes spliced into every chapter, the author guides us through how the study of alcohol has led to medicinal discoveries in microbiology, biochemistry, herbal medicine, alchemy, germ theory, etc. 

saved by the siesta

Saved By The Siesta by Brice Faraut

I love napping, I nap every weekend (on both days) despite having an active, busy life ...and a toddler. I have, of course, taught my kid to love and value sleep and napping as evidenced below.

Young child napping with sunglasses on while sucking on his thumb.
Napping like a boss, photo by author

Think you're too busy to nap? Or maybe you have tried it but wake up feeling groggy and wondering what planet you're on. This book is a guide on both the art and science of napping. I particularly liked the cheat sheet in the back that lays out some "Golden Rules" including length, position, and optimal time of day. 


Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing by Olga Mecking

In her deeply sarcastic introduction, Mecking states, "By the time the school bus arrives my sanity is usually hanging by a thread." Mecking draws us into this new wellness trend with her easy-to-read writing style and relatable snippets of personal narrative. One of the few wellness approaches that doesn't ask you to radically change yourself and instead just do less!


Upon further inspection, a lot of these wellness books are instructional guides for slowing down. Do you have a favourite way to unwind after a busy day? Share below!