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December 28, 2020 | Reagan

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When I think about weed (also known as cannabis, marijuana, pot, etc.), I always think about the episode in Frasier when Niles unknowingly gets his father stoned. I simply had to re-watch the episode before writing this blog post and to my delight, it's a holiday episode! As a stoned, retired police officer, Martin Crane is dramedy gold. My favourite scene is when he reassures his son there was a good reason why his pants were in the fridge, "I had a reason (pulls out notebook from breast pocket) fridge pants."

Since weed was legalized in Canada on Oct 17, 2018 (also the day my niece Pearl and nephew Miller were born), there has been a surge of information on the topic. Everything from investing in weed shares to growing your own weed plants to cooking with weed or CBD oil. CBD is short for cannabidiol. For those of you who are new to the world of weed for wellness, I'll share some search subjects to get your started as well as highlight a few tamer CBD oil resources that I have personally flipped through. Lastly, I have curated a list of television shows and movies that feature weed use to be enjoyed alongside a joint or edible if you wish.


Weed Wellness Resources

In order to highlight the range of information out there, I thought I would share some of the top subjects for weed-related searches from tpl.ca for your clicking delight:


From those subject searches here are a few titles that stand out as good representations of the resources that focus on the health and wellness side of weed use. I have included a personal review for the items below. The titles below focus on CBD oil use by way of introduction to weed for wellness as CBD oil has all of the anti-inflammatory properties of weed without the "high". The "high" is derived from THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, another compound in weed.

CBD oil - everyday secrets

CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness by Gretchen Lidicker

A good introduction, I really enjoyed how this book used plain language to explain the science of what CBD oil actually is and how it effects the body and brain. As a lifestyle guide this book did a good job of guiding readers through finding the right CBD oil for you and what you may experience the first time you take it. It also had a couple recipes in the back of the book that looked tasty! 

CBD oil for health

CBD oil for health: 100 amazing benefits and uses of CBD oil by Michele Ross

With 72 health uses and 28 beauty focused treatments, this more practical book shows readers how to treat specific ailments with CBD oil. Uses includes promoting sleep, easing muscle soreness, relieving menstrual cramps, calming anger and alleviating dandruff. Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist who started her career studying addiction and now promotes the medicinal use of psychedelic drugs like cannabis and mushrooms. She was also the first scientist to be on Big Brother 11!

CBD & chill

CBD & Chill: 75 Self-Care Recipes for Everyday Wellness by Chris Tarello

I will admit the design and layout of this book grabbed my attention from my "Cooking (Marijuana)" search. It's a beautiful book! It has a ton of recipes for cooking with CBD oil as well as topical applications for skin and beauty. Interestingly enough it also has a chapter on CBD oil for pets which I haven't considered before. Our dog Lennon gets anxiety on long car trips, not that we are going anywhere lately, but something worth exploring. Since it was published in 2020 there is relevant information about where and what to look for when buying CBD. It also has a good guide for measuring dosages including a weekly dosage tracker chart. 


Have you had any success with using weed for wellness? Please comment below and let me know your favourite uses or recipes!


Television Shows

Lastly, please enjoy this curated list of my favourite portrayals of weed use in television shows and movies. Although not specifically health-related, they are binge-worthy nonetheless. So despite being in a lockdown, at least we can all still safely enjoy hanging with these buds.

Atlanta (2016-)


Entourage (2004-2011)


Weeds (2005-2012)




The Gentlemen (2020)

The Gentlemen

Training Day (2002)

Training Day

American Beauty (2000)

American Beauty 


Have I missed any of your favourites? Comment below and let me know your top picks!